Month: May 2020

Home Of All COVID-19 Relief Initiative Efforts for Agent Partners

In continuation of our efforts to stand united with you and give as much support as possible, we’ve launched a dedicated one-stop Resource Guide that’s home to all the COVID-19 Relief Initiative resources prepared for agent partners, like yourself.   Let’s take a quick tour of what you can expect to…

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3 Online Marketing Tools for Property Agents

COVID-19 has brought new realities to our lives, that just a few months ago, seemed unimaginable. Stay-at-home orders are keeping many people close to home, and social distancing is now widely accepted as the new norm.   In the midst of this, we are also discovering new…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in May

A lot of selling comes from knowing where your potential leads are. This way, you know where to focus your resources and invest in what matters.   Similar to our previous article on ‘How to Use Your Ad Credits Smartly’, today we’re sharing insights gathered from just last…

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