Month: August 2020

When and Where to Focus Your Listings in September

August has been a relatively good month so far! Not only did we celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday, we also experienced a steady decrease in number of COVID-19 cases reported daily. Fingers crossed; let’s hope things keep improving this way! Now let’s look at how…

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Diving into TopGear-Level Leadership

After a decade of service in the Naval Diving Unit, Justin Kwek dove head-first into a whole other career. Jumping out of the waters and into the real estate sector since March 2013; Justin changed more than his own career. He isn’t one to boast…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in August

In our previous article, we learnt that property searches have returned in full strength, surpassing pre-Circuit Breaker levels. From our previous issue When and where to focus your listings in July, we noticed Monday has the highest number of searches and City & South West…

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