3 Mistakes of Facebook Advertising for Property

Social media advertising is now a critical component in promoting brands as it is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness, traffic, leads, and possible conversions

With over 4.3 million Facebook users in Singapore, there’s no doubting the huge reach of social media can bring to your listings. 

But with this huge reach, it also comes with pain points such as ensuring the ad reaches the right audience and creating an effective Facebook ad. These pain points are just few of the many factors you have to consider to make sure your Facebook ad is performing well. 

So what are some of the mistakes commonly made in Facebook advertising?

1. Targeting the wrong audience

The downside of most Facebook ads is poor targeting; ads being shown to the wrong audience. 

You can have a great advertisement on chicken rice, but it completely fails if you target it at vegetarians. 

Giving your ad a massive reach doesn’t always equate to good conversions.  In fact, it will only hurt your budget and contributes to bad customer experience. 

To target the right audience, you must first set a clear objective of who your target group will be. Set your filters down on specific demographics like age, gender, lifestyle and more. If you want to learn more about setting the right audience for your ad, you can read the ‘Audience Insights’ on Facebook. 

2. Using poor quality photos 

According to research, people have an average attention span of approximately eight seconds. That means you’ve got very little time to attract the attention of your potential buyers as they scroll through their own Facebook page. If you use cluttered images with low resolution and bad lighting, it may just repel property seekers from viewing your listing.

It is of utmost importance to create a good first impression of the property you are selling by using quality images. Evoke a good emotion towards the property by using clear, clean, uncluttered images, and you are one step closer to selling it. Avoid using text overlays as well, to have a clear view of the features of the property you are selling.

Below is an example of a good and bad property photo:

Quality photos

3. Using unappealing headlines 

An unappealing headline will only lead to a lack of engagement from your audience. 

To hook your audience at a glance – create a catchy, clever headline. Highlight the information your audience is most likely to be interested in. It could be the unit’s condition, facilities, amenities, and transportation. 

For example, if you’re targeting young parents – call out the schools nearby. If you’re targeting investors, highlight the low prices.

Below are examples of a good and bad headline:

SocialCast-Header Image

In a competitive market, social media provides a platform to reach more people. So for you to be ahead of the competition, use social media advertising efficiently by avoiding these 3 mistakes on Facebook advertising for property and start increasing your leads by creating an effective Facebook ad.


At PropertyGuru, we recently launched SocialCast on Facebook a feature that you can easily use to extend your reach to high quality leads through Facebook advertising. 

SocialCast on Facebook was designed to help agents effectively drive their social media advertising. Easy-to-use and optimised to target your high quality leads – SocialCast makes it simple for you. 


In an interview we had with Leng , a PropNex agent, she shared that SocialCast had been effective to her because of its ease of use and ad optimisation

“…with SocialCast, the listing information is directly ported over to Facebook in just a few clicks, so it doesn’t take so much of my time. The ad campaign performance can also be easily accessed, assuring me that the promised impressions are delivered.” – Leng, PropNex agent

To get more tips about SocialCast, take the quiz below and get some perks!


Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

Find out more about SocialCast on Facebook or get your questions answered by these help articles available.


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