3 things Marcus Chu wants to tell all ERA agents

A fitness enthusiast and former COO of ERA Singapore, Marcus Chu is no stranger to the property industry – and now he has a brand-new feather on his cap as the agency’s new CEO.

With a new leader at its helm, ERA is continuing its steady track towards an exciting future. But as we all work towards tomorrow, what are some things ERA’s new leader wants to share with his agents today?

Learn to do the same old things, in new ways

“If there’s one takeaway from the pandemic that we need to learn, it is our adaptability and willingness to learn, relearn and apply the new skills on how to do things better.”
– Marcus Chu, ERA

Your customers are changing, the market is changing. In order to survive and thrive, you need to know what ‘new’ ways your clients are using to fulfil their property needs.

The fact is people will always be buying and selling properties – and they’ll always be doing it differently.

Set your goals and believe in them

“Always believe in the goals you have set for yourself, think of different and innovative ways to achieve them; or else you are just following whatever others are doing.” – Marcus Chu, ERA

In a hypercompetitive scene, it’s important to always think ahead and think differently. What sets you apart from the rest? Once you have that down, set your goals and commit to them to the end.

You’re home with ERA

“(We’re) providing a home to every trusted adviser in Asia to strive and to do better everyday, and in every way.” – Marcus Chu, ERA

It’s a powerful promise; and Marcus aims to achieve that through building a culture that not only attracts, but also nurtures top tier talents.

A leadership that supports their agents and one another

When it comes to taking ERA Singapore to even greater heights, Marcus isn’t alone. By his side are fellow outstanding individuals – each with their own ‘superpowers’ to bring to the table.

ERA Senior Management

Jack Chua, Executive Chairman of APAC Realty

The former CEO and current Executive Chairman of APAC Realty, the master franchisee for ERA in the Asia Pacific, expressed his deep passion in being a ‘people business’ – and emphasized how ERA has never (and will never) stop developing their talents; bringing forth new generations of trusted real estate advisors who not only evolve with the market, but support their clients effectively as well.

In fact, to Jack, Marcus’s new appointment is a clear testament to ERA’s DNA of striving to be better in every way.

“Marcus is a game-changer and has always been close to the ground listening to feedback and proactively rolling out new initiatives to improve the business.” – Jack Chua, ERA

Eugene Lim, Key Executive Officer

The agency’s KEO strongly seconds Jack’s strong vote of confidence for Marcus as well.

“Personally, I have also known Marcus for some time; with him taking the lead, I am confident that we will continue to break new grounds in our next phase of the agency’s growth.” – Eugene Lim, ERA

Having worked alongside Marcus for over two decades now, Eugene emphasized how the senior management’s focus has always been centered on creating value and making a difference – not only for external customers, but for their internal people in ERA too.

Doris Ong, Chief Operating Officer, Project Marketing

As the only woman in ERA Singapore’s senior management team, Doris brings forth a different perspective that widens the whole team’s point-of-view in the decision-making processes.

She highlights that project marketing is very much an integral part of ERA’s core business and there will be continued efforts in forging strategic partnerships and relationships with developers, that agents can surely look forward to benefiting from.

But that’s not all Doris has planned for ERA’s agents.

“(We’re) coming up with new initiatives and proptech tools to equip our trusted advisers to better serve home buyers.” – Doris Ong, ERA

Thomas Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Agency Business

The excitement does not stop there for ERA! The agency’s senior management also recently welcomed Thomas Tan as its newly appointed COO of Agency Business.

Showing his in-depth understanding of today’s consumers, Thomas emphasised on the importance of delivering beyond expectations – and he plans to achieve this through robust training programmes and innovative proptech tools.

“In short, we aim to empower our teammates so they are able to bring their ‘A-Game’ every time they meet their clients.” – Thomas Tan, ERA

We at PropertyGuru would like to express our gratitude to everyone in ERA’s senior management team for sharing their words with us; we’re excited to be a part of your journey to success.

And as always, we’re always striving to be a better partner for you.

– PropertyGuru Team

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