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CEA 2021 Public Perception Survey: Consumers Have Higher Expectations of Real Estate Salespersons to Further Improve Their Property Transaction Experience

CEA recently released the findings from the 2021 Public Perception Survey (PPS). The PPS was started in 2012 and is held every three years. It allows CEA to gauge consumers’ satisfaction towards the services rendered by real estate salespersons (RESs).

In this article, we will focus on consumers’ expectations of property agents’ services and important characteristics, and how PropertyGuru can help you to improve the property transaction experience for your clients and better serve their expectations.

Key Findings from PPS

How You Can Improve Your Client’s Experience

Putting your clients first and ensuring they have a seamless experience when engaging your services will earn their trust and encourage them to refer their family and friends to you. Based on a seller survey conducted by PropertyGuru in December 2022, 58% of Singaporeans rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or through their connections to find agents for their property sale.

Here are some tips to improve your client’s experience and ensure they remain satisfied and loyal to you, so you will always be remembered as their go-to agent:

  • Take time and make it a priority to understand your client’s specific preferences and tailor your advice and services accordingly to address these needs.


  • Provide data-driven advice to your clients. Familiarise yourself with reliable sources of relevant data and ensure that you have access to the right tech tools to help you obtain statistics or generate reports to support the advice you provide to your clients. Use Market Insights on AgentNet to find the most updated and relevant market data for your sales consultations with your clients.



  • Create a feedback loop with your clients so you can use that to improve your professional reputation and services for future clients. Based on PropertyGuru’s seller survey, 78% of sellers find agents through PropertyGuru and an agent’s Ratings & Reviews are the most sought-after credential when choosing an agent to represent them. Use Agent Ratings & Reviews to request for client reviews and boost your online reputation on PropertyGuru!


  • Reflect on your own experiences as a consumer when you manage every transaction. All consumers expect a fair price and for the service provider to handle the deal honestly and with integrity. Always hold yourselves to the highest ethical standards when interacting with your clients and put their interests first.

We hope you find the information and tips useful and be sure to use them to improve your professional reputation and services to your clients!

This article is presented by Partner360, see you in our next update!

At PropertyGuru, we’ll see you home 😊

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