Achieving Greater Success through Real Estate Technology

Jeffrey Heng and William Lee from OrangeTee & Tie’s (OTT) Navis Living Group (NLG) both managed to achieve success in their real estate business by embracing digital transformation.

For Jeffery, currently an Associate Executive Director at OTT and Head of Training at NLG, leads a team of more than 70 agents

“Over the years, I have seen how our business has rapidly digitized and the importance of embracing technology is imminent,” said Jeffery.

An Associate District Director at OTT, a trainer for various training programmes and leading a team of more than 40 agents, William is a firm believer in technology.

“Joining OTT has been highly beneficial to my team and I as the firm is led by a highly technology-driven leadership and culture,” said William.

With the technological edge they have through their application Link Up, alongside the effectiveness of PropertyGuru, their overall team sales have been transformed for the better.

Ambassadors of Real Estate Technology

With the advancement of technology, the most felt impact is how new sales leads are generated more effectively.

“The introduction of social media and online portals like PropertyGuru has really taken our business to the next level,” Jeffrey said.

The team managed to use their time more effectively compared to how they used to operate in the past, using traditional methods like mailers and print advertising.

Link Up has adopted a method that cuts down their time spent on administrative tasks by up to 80%, allowing them to focus and spend most of their time on following up with clients and closing deals.

Taking the lead for digital marketing in NLG, William believes that marketing today must be done using a more proactive approach.

“I am extremely glad that PropertyGuru has developed SocialCast, which allows us to target the right consumers and appeal to their interests directly through social media. Now our agents have a choice to embark on marketing campaigns themselves through our in-house lead generations programme or take their marketing to SocialCast.”

“Embracing digital transformation with Link Up and PropertyGuru has tremendously increased our team’s sales and growth,” Jeffrey and William added.

A Technology Driven Environment (Extracting Insights from Data)

Being an agency with a wealth of data, OTT has been able to effectively crunch data into relevant insights that will be useful for agents. This has allowed agents to deliver targeted advice that value add to their role as an adviser to property seekers.

“Additionally, with the Link Up app, information can be easily presented in a graph. This way, discerning property-seekers and sellers can better understand the market and make better informed decisions,” Jeffrey said.

William added: “One thing that our agents really like is the fact that information such as transacted prices, floor plans, research reports and charts are easily accessible through the app.”  

However, the team understands that having advanced technology alone is not enough to help agents succeed.

Hence, other initiatives such as NLG’s approach to Property Wealth Planning empowers their agents to combine technology with property investment concepts to further educate clients on opportunities that they might be unaware of and missing out on.

Surrounding themselves with the right people

At the end of the day, even with the best technology, a team cannot succeed without the right company. At NLG, if agents are unsure of certain topics that they need answers to, team members will step out to advise and share their experiences.

“The unwavering support really helps our team to foster a friendly environment of unity and camaraderie,” William added.

“Everyone’s good at something,” Jeffrey said.

“For example, William mentors our team on Property Wealth Planning and digital marketing while I train them in advisory sales skill sets and soft skills.”

The team takes pride in recognizing the strengths of others and contributing to the holistic growth of everyone, with aims to become a better version of themselves in the process.

In the years to come, both Jeffery and William are confident of the future and are certain that they will continue to reap the harvest sowed!

Thanks Jeffrey and William, for sharing your journey to success with PropertyGuru!

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