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How to Land Success in Singapore’s Dynamic Real Estate Industry Featuring Alex Ng from PropNex .

With 15 years of experience under his belt and crowned the Champion Transactor in Landed Properties at PropNex in 2022, Alex Ng has gone from being an amateur who learned everything on the ground to becoming a trusted veteran, serving numerous satisfied clients.  

PropertyGuru is thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Alex who generously shares some essential learnings that can help fellow agents score big in the real estate market. 

Finding His Clients the Right Home with PropertyGuru 

Having grown up with a deep appreciation for having a place to call home, Alex recognises the critical need for Singaporeans to each own a house. In his own words, “Having a roof over our heads is truly important in Singapore!” This personal connection to homeownership has influenced his approach to real estate and reinforced his commitment to helping his clients find their dream home. 

To effectively market his property listings, Alex relies on PropertyGuru that provides essential exposure. The intuitive and user-friendly consumer journey makes it easy for potential buyers to navigate through the listings. At times, when helping potential buyers to look for listings on PropertyGuru, he greatly benefitted from the search filters that allow him to streamline his search based on buyers’ requirements. 

Through Featured Agent, he gained additional exposure and valuable leads for his listings as the tool ensures maximum visibility for the properties he represents. 

Storytelling to Pitch a Deal 

Leveraging his background in financial planning, Alex has always positioned the property journey as an investment opportunity for his clients. By emphasising the potential for long-term growth and stability, he ensures that his clients do not view their relationship as merely transactional. Instead, he guides them toward making informed decisions that align with their financial goals and aspirations. 

He also understands that every landed house has its own unique story. For this reason, he emphasises the importance of doing additional homework on each property. By delving into the history and characteristics of each home, he is able to craft compelling narratives that resonate with his clients’ home-seeking journey. As he confidently puts it, “Sometimes, it may not be the buyer who chooses the house. It is the house that chooses the buyer.” 

Alex highlights that specifically in landed property, they are not just selling a house. As his slogan says, “There’s 1 good, no 2 good, if both are good, price not good!”, it is important that they also envision themselves selling a lifestyle, a need in the locale and convenience that suit individual clients in the best way possible. To him, this is what makes the transaction different, as well as the reason he ventured into landed properties.  

He always takes extra steps in value adding to the process of closing a deal, one way is to leverage the help from PropertyGuru Finance to provide comparisons of mortgage rates for his clients, so they can source for the most suitable home loan packages with the help of mortgage specialist. 

Positive Mindset Leads to Success 

A positive mindset and a genuine passion for helping clients find their dream properties lay the foundation for Alex’s success. He firmly believes in going the extra mile to ensure that his clients have a memorable experience.  

This belief comes from his very first experience of selling a landed property, there were a lot of unknowns in handling the potential buyer profile and pitching with the most engaging stories. Despite the challenges faced, the home seller entrusted his property to Alex over the course of 7 months until the deal is closed successfully, mainly due to his passion and persistence. 

As he eloquently states, “When showing a house, I make sure my clients smile when they walk out after viewing.” This commitment to delivering exceptional service leaves a lasting impression and establishes trust with his clientele. 

Looking ahead, Alex envisions a bright future for his career. His goal is to grow his current team of six members into a larger, more dynamic force within the industry. To achieve this, he actively promotes his personal brand through out-of-home advertising and social media channels. By strengthening his own brand, he hopes to empower more agents to help property seekers find their dream homes, thus creating a positive impact on the real estate community. 

This article is brought to you by Partner360, aiming to bring all agent partners 360° of empowerment and guidance in every aspect of your career. 

We hope the success story of Alex serves as an inspiration and a powerful reminder of the strategies and values that led to his success in the industry. Let’s embrace these essential learnings and take your real estate career to the next level of success! 

Being a better partner for you, 

PropertyGuru Team

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