Bridging Real Estate and Social Media Marketing with PropertyLimBrothers


Have you ever searched for an item online and come across the advertisement again on every other unrelated website you visit?

Online marketing has widely impacted and changed how people market, sell and buy products. Instead of browsing through newspapers and flyers, these days, the general public has shifted their attention to social media platforms on their phones to source for properties.

Both property agents and seekers are no different to this uprising trend.

When Melvin Lim and Adrian Lim, Co-founders of PropertyLimBrothers Team realised that the audiences’ attention has shifted to their smartphones, they thought to themselves:

“How can we position our sellers’ properties differently so that we can capture more attention for our clients?”

With over 4 million views on their YouTube channel, and more than 38,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it is safe to say that the property influencer duo has taken social media by storm in the real estate industry in Singapore.

A dedicated focus

Melvin and Adrian left their previous job to join the real estate industry 13 years ago. But it was only three years ago that the duo decided to commit their time to be the first in the industry to do a video home tour being the actual presenter in the video itself.

When they started out, they had to self-study on videography, storyboarding, editing and running ads and targeting on social media with marketing element till the wee hours in the morning.

Apart from trial and error on the video shoots, they also had to experiment on how they can optimise their advertisement on the different platforms.

“We then decided to build our own real estate social media agency to fully support the marketing efforts and sale of our client’s home,” said Melvin.

Throughout these three years, the entire team had worked, learned and roughed it out together.

“Every video and storyboard has to cater to the uniqueness and different selling points of each home. So the preparation work requires a lot of time and conceptualisation,” said the duo.

From campaign planning to execution, they have to ensure that the videos are well-planned with a compelling storyline and accompanying visuals so that viewers would be attracted to express their interest in the property, and eventually, come for the actual viewing and then for the transaction to smoothly go through.

But for that to happen, it requires the duo to think from the other side of the coin – the buyer’s perspective.

“We need to think from the buyer’s perspective and what we like or appreciate about the property. This requires us to know all the plus and minus points, features and benefits of the home and weave in the important elements that a buyer will like to see into the video.”

The extensive coverage of each marketed unit comes with both manpower and monetary costs. The team creates content from scratch, shoot and edit them before the final work is being produced.

By ensuring quality in their work, the team has to ensure that every unit marketed online is able to be exposed to the right audience and in turn bringing them effective results.

“We don’t outsource our work and do it all in-house because we take pride in creating content that is unique and fresh every time it’s being published,” said Melvin Lim.

Controlling the market within their means

With the nature of the property market, conditions are not easily predictable. But for PropertyLimBrothers, they take everything in good stride.

“We can’t control the market situation, but we can definitely control the marketing efforts and exposures to make the listings stand out from the competition for our clients,” said Melvin.

Successes from their social media marketing efforts come when they manage to sell properties that were previously difficult to sell despite many rounds of marketing.

In the last 24 months, the PropertyLimBrothers Team has sold a total of 234 properties, which serves as a testament that their efforts using their unique social media marketing campaigns did not go to waste.

They attribute these successes to the conceptualisation of their home tours, unique social media marketing campaigns and property portals like PropertyGuru, where property seekers would also be able to view their home tour videos.

PropertyLimBrothers also encourages other property agents through his weekly Real Estate Coaching videos on his YouTube Channel, Official Melvin Lim and also his Instagram page to explore this area of property marketing. Home owners too, will appreciate agents who invest their time to market their homes.

Though a risk at first due to higher costs incurred, the duo believes that effort and hard work will pay off. Melvin also co-founded AffinityMotions, a video production media firm that helps salespeople create video content for their business with a business partner. Melvin is currently a silent partner and consultant to AffinityMotions.

Melvin added: “Over time, the standard of marketing for properties will improve and if the industry can improve as a whole, consumers will stand to benefit, and salespersons will enjoy and take pride in their work because of the value they provide to clients. We take pride in our industry and the things that we do as real estate consultants.”

Social media marketing is no easy feat, and it takes time to understand the whole process. Here at PropertyGuru, we want to equip agents with tools that can take their listing to another level.

And hey, if you are an agent, we can help you do just that with SocialCast on Facebook.

Find out more about how SocialCast on Facebook can super easily transform your PropertyGuru listing into a Facebook Sponsored Ad! Read more about it from our Help Center or contact our Sales Consultants today!

PropertyGuru would like to thank PropertyLimBrothers Team for being a part of us and we look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

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