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Helping Your Clients Understand Their Mortgage

When it comes to taking a home loan, most property-seekers might focus on the mortgage with the lowest interest rates. As shared in one of our property guides, there are more considerations to getting the best home loan than just interest rates. Your client’s desire…

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Client Mortgaging 101: Property Agent Edition

After countless viewing of different properties, your client has finally found his dream home. Nothing could be more satisfying for an agent than knowing that their clients have chosen a place they would like to purchase. All that hard work into looking for a suitable…

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How to Recommend Your Clients the Best Mortgage

“Can you share some tips for choosing a mortgage loan?” “Which home loan is the best currently?” The questions above could sound quite familiar to you. While recommending your client a suitable home loan isn’t quite the main job of a property agent, being knowledgeable…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings: November 2020

Hello to all our fabulous Agent Partners in Singapore! It’s time again for another update on When and Where to Focus Your Listings. The COVID-19 situation in Singapore looks to be promising (let’s keep our fingers crossed) and there’s buzz going around about Phase 3!…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in September

August has been a relatively good month so far! Not only did we celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday, we also experienced a steady decrease in number of COVID-19 cases reported daily. Fingers crossed; let’s hope things keep improving this way! Now let’s look at how…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in August

In our previous article, we learnt that property searches have returned in full strength, surpassing pre-Circuit Breaker levels. From our previous issue When and where to focus your listings in July, we noticed Monday has the highest number of searches and City & South West…

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How To Run A Successful Virtual Property Tour

In our previous article, we see that property demand remains on a positive upward trend, even in these uncertain times. During our recent Consumer Sentiment Report H2 2020, we asked Singaporeans what impact the current COVID-19 situation has had on their property-related decision and 55%…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in July

In our previous article, we’ve learnt that people are still searching for their next dream homes despite the pandemic situation.   Looking back on our earlier article When and Where to Focus Your Listings in June, we saw that Sunday had the highest number of listing views…

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