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Entering The “New” Normal With Safe Property Viewings

In these extraordinary times, personal safety has never been more important than before. COVID-19 has brought on new realities in our day to day lives and business activities. As we enter into the “new” normal, let’s not forget that everyone has an important role to…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in June

With this pandemic plaguing our everyday lives and conversations, we can expect that property seekers’ behaviours are likely to change in some manner as well. Looking back at our previous article on When and Where to Focus Your Listings in May, we saw that Sunday…

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3 Online Marketing Tools for Property Agents

COVID-19 has brought new realities to our lives, that just a few months ago, seemed unimaginable. Stay-at-home orders are keeping many people close to home, and social distancing is now widely accepted as the new norm.   In the midst of this, we are also discovering new…

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When and Where to Focus Your Listings in May

A lot of selling comes from knowing where your potential leads are. This way, you know where to focus your resources and invest in what matters.   Similar to our previous article on ‘How to Use Your Ad Credits Smartly’, today we’re sharing insights gathered from just last…

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Helpful Tips to Close Deals during COVID-19

In this current climate, businesses are greatly affected due to social distancing and lockdown measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. However, in these challenging times, there is always a silver lining. On the positive side, it seems that property owners are taking it more seriously to market their properties. And with property prices dropping, it is now a lucrative opportunity to buy and invest in a property.  …

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3 Online Courses We Recommend to Property Agents

With the COVID-19 situation around the world, many of us have found ourselves spending more time than usual at home. Some of us are making our money’s worth on Netflix, whilst some of us have taken the time to do home self-improvements.   In addition to…

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How to Use Your Ad Credits Smartly

Optimising your Ad Credit spend is all part of being a successful property agent in this digital era, and it’s especially important during this challenging period.   Today, as continuation of our COVID-19 Relief Initiative for Agents, we’re sharing some tips on knowing when to spend your Ad Credits and on what you can spend…

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Stockpile your Prospects by Using these 3 PropertyGuru Features

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a challenge for everyone. Alongside a suite of COVID-19 cost-saving initiatives launched to you, we want to stand by you with tips and insights that supports you.   At a time like this, it is helpful to stockpile your prospects so that you’ll be ready to bounce right back into business once the situation gets better.  Here are 3…

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What Successful Agents are Doing

Every agent wants success and every successful agent has his or her own methods for achieving it. The question is, what’s the secret ingredient that will help you make it to the top? In this article, we’re going to show you just how and where…

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