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What You Need to Know About Estate Agency Agreements

Managing property transactions for your clients, whether it’s a sale, purchase, or lease, often involves various terms and pre-requisites. To protect the interests of you and your clients, it is recommended that agents adopt the Estate Agency Agreement as part of the transaction experience. An…

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How to Deal with Negative Reviews (The Right Way)

Nothing is more discouraging than receiving a negative review, especially when you go above and beyond to look after your customers and provide the best possible service. Bad reviews can have a negative effect on your business. We will explain how to handle and use…

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10 Listing Tips to Get Noticed

  On PropertyGuru, property seekers can scroll through dozens of listings in minutes, which means you may only have that one golden moment to get them to notice yours before they move onto the next. The question then is, how do you make your listing…

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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Sep 2022 Edition

  Dear Agent Partners, time flies and we are in the last month of Q3! Being your trusted partner, we always focus on giving you 360° of empowerment and support in every aspect of your career. This starts with our commitment to improving for you…

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