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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: May 2022 Edition

  Hello Agent Partners, welcome to our May issue of market insights, where we bring to you our site traffic and supply gap data from the previous month to help you optimise and prospect for listings on PropertyGuru. This month, with the lifted measures of…

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How to be Professional & Sensitive in Your Listings

With the influx of online media reports on discriminatory listings, how can agents effectively convey the expectations of landlords without displaying bias or discrimination? Read One in four Singaporeans have faced racial discrimination when renting property and Discrimination Has No Place on PropertyGuru While it…

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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Apr 2022 Edition

Entering the first month of Q2, we are greeted with delightful news of more alleviated measures in Singapore. This positive change signifies more opportunities, including our recent successful listing on the NYSE which will allow us to open more doors to millions across Southeast Asia…

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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Mar 2022 Edition

Hello Agent Partners, time flies and we are in the last month of Q1! In the recent Consumer Sentiment Study H1 2022, we are pleasantly surprised that 52% of Singaporean respondents are keeping an open mind on the Dec’21 cooling measures. Meanwhile, those who were…

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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: Feb 2022 Edition

Good day Agent Partners! How’s your Chinese New Year preparations coming along?  At PropertyGuru, we are continuously improving our tools and solutions to bring more efficiency and convenience to you! Do you know with Prime Credits, you can now Book, Reserve and Extend Featured Agent slots more easily than before? Do check it out if you haven’t!  In…

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Singapore Property Market Outlook 2022

In the PropertyGuru Singapore Property Market Outlook 2022 (PMO 2022), we reflect on the year gone by, pulling together key data and expert insights to predict what we can look forward to in 2022.

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When & Where to Focus Your Listings: January 2022 Edition

Hi Agent Partners, trust everyone had an enjoyable time with your friends and families during the Christmas weekend!   We noticed there are still many property seekers doing their research during this wonderful time of the year, and we are thrilled to bring you these insights in our current edition of When and Where to Focus Your Listings.  Let’s see what we…

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