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Be informed of PropertyGuru product launches and upgrades.

Agent Packages & Ad Credits Update - Effective 1 Sep, 2019

As Singapore’s #1 property portal with 70% market share¹, part of PropertyGuru’s commitment is to continuously deliver quality results and offer increased value to our partner agents. Through the years, we have invested resources into understanding and evolving with the ever-changing consumer demands and expectations.…

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Improved Search Filter for More Exposure on New Projects

Do you feel that new condo projects could use more exposure? With almost 80,000 sale listings on PropertyGuru, it can be difficult for property seekers to view exclusively new projects. Our Gurus have been hard at work and just made an enhancement that drive your new project listings…

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Identify Listing Opportunities with Market Supply Gap

Ever wondered which listing type is high in demand, but low in supply? If only there were a way for agents to identify such market gaps and business opportunities. Introducing Market Supply Gap, a feature on AgentNet that provides you with an overview on the…

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Open More Doors. 5 Ways with Listing Performance Insights

“Which listing needs improvement?” “Which listing should I Boost?” “How does my listing compare against other similar listings?” If you had any of those questions about your PropertyGuru listings before, you can now get them answered with our new upgrade – the Listing Performance Insights.…

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Better Dashboard Design Awaits

Featuring a modern new design, streamlined stats interface and an updated focus on your key business goals; the brand new, mobile-optimized AgentNet dashboard will change the way you understand your business. We’ve eliminated the noise to focus on the key steps to maximize your time…

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New Condo Details Page, for Better Results

Condo Details Pages are amongst the most visited on PropertyGuru. More than 100,000 property seekers visit Condo Details Pages every day to learn more about the property, connect with knowledgeable agents and discover available listings. The way you display your property listing matters, and property…

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