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Maximise Sales Success with Data: Efficient Prospecting, Accurate Pricing

In Singapore’s real estate market, listing integrity and accuracy are vital for fostering trust between agents and prospective clients. Recent debates over resale HDB flats priced at around $2 million have drawn attention to potential discrepancies between their advertised prices and true market values, emphasising the need for transparency in all real estate advertising. The Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) has emphasised for all agents to adhere strictly to the Practice Guidelines on Ethical Advertising and the Professional Service Manual or risk disciplinary action.

Leverage Data for Precise Listing Valuation

PropertyGuru’s study shows 53% of clients prioritise an agent’s track record. Honesty is key in real estate; misleading ads with inflated prices can harm an agent’s reputation. Source: PropertyGuru Consumer Sentiment Study H1 2024

Market Insights, powered by DataSense, provides real estate agents with essential property data for accurate pricing and effective prospecting, ensuring seamless deal closures.

Project Insights: Your Essential Prospecting Tool

Project Insights grants access to critical data, such as estimated price, SSD amount and status, and projected gain/loss. Agents can utilise this information to identify opportunities and advise homeowners on pricing their properties accurately.

Market Insider: A Macro Perspective of the Market

Market Insider provides transaction volume trend comparisons, median PSF comparisons, top 10 projects by transaction volume, latest transactions from the past 14 days and more. It provides valuable insights into property sales trends and new projects, offering a macro view of the market.

Home Report: Comprehensive, In-depth Property Analysis

Home Report offers in-depth property analysis, including estimated buy/sell price, estimated gain/loss, past transactions, active listings, and asking price range for sale/rent. It also provides a map view of nearby amenities within a filtered distance. This simplifies research, guiding both buyers and sellers towards informed pricing and property decisions. For buyers, it also displays estimated monthly mortgage, helping them understand their affordability.

Explorer: Quick & Easy Visual Comparison for Property Segments

Explorer simplifies data with easy-to-understand visuals, empowering you to share clear property comparisons with potential buyers. It’s a quick, interactive tool allowing advanced filtering of historical transaction data across various property segments like projects, HDB estates, and districts.

In summary, Market Insights, powered by DataSense, accessible on AgentNet, equips real estate agents with essential property data, facilitating smooth transactions and establishing you as a credible property expert.

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