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Discover Your Brand New, One-Stop Page for All Your Leads!

As Agent Partners, you constantly have a lot of moving parts to keep track of – from new listings and leads, to arranging viewings and closing sales. This can make keeping up with all your leads difficult at times.  

As part of our Partner360 commitment to agent partners, we’re always looking for ways to better support your business needs. That’s why we’ve introduced Lead Management – a one-stop page to help you view, prioritise, and contact your leads! 

Aside from an easy to use page that displays all your leads, Lead Management also comes with 2 new value-add tools to help you prioritise leads and tailor your sales pitches. Read on to find out what Lead Management has in store for you. 

One-stop Page for All Your Leads

Lead Management features an easy to navigate page where you can view both listing and profile leads gathered within PropertyGuru.


Here, you can see details such as the property seeker’s name, the listing they’ve enquired for, and when they enquired. You can also click or tap any lead to view more details, and to contact the property seeker directly.

Lead Management also allows you to filter, and to search your leads – making it easy for you to sort through all leads received. 

Easy Prioritisation with Lead Quality

Within Lead Management, you will find Lead Quality, a new value-add tool that helps you identify which leads to contact first.

Lead Quality tags each Lead received based on how active the property seeker is on PropertyGuru.

Property seekers who are very actively searching and enquiring for properties are identified, and their leads are marked ”Hot” or ”Warm”. This helps you identify which leads are from property seekers who might have higher intent, and therefore should be contacted first.

Here are the Lead Quality tags you might see, and what they mean:

To find out more about Lead Quality, visit our help centre, or try it out yourself!

Actionable Information with Lead Insights

Lead Management aims to make it easier for you to reach out to your leads – and that’s not limited to the easy-to-find contact buttons!

Lead Insights is a second value-add tool that can be found within Lead Management – aimed at helping you learn more about the property seeker before you contact them.

When a property seeker sends you an enquiry, you will gain access to exclusive information about them.

This is gathered from their search activity across PropertyGuru, and can include information such as their preferred property type, location, and even budget – which you can use to tailor your approach. Find out more about Lead Insights here, or explore Lead Insights 

Lead Management brings more value to your PropertyGuru experience. Now that you know what’s in store for you – keep up with your leads and start using Lead Management! 

Partner360 is PropertyGuru’s commitment to bring Agent Partners 360° empowerment and guidance in every aspect of your career. As part of that commitment, we aim to continuously improve our products and services to better support you and your growing business. Find out more about Partner360 here. 

*Lead Management is currently in a Beta phase. During this period, you will have full access to the Lead Management tools and features, including Lead Quality and Lead Insights, as long as you have an active Agent Package subscription. Find out more here.

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