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How to Get Good Reviews from Your Customers


In the real estate industry, prospecting and closing deals is a game of trust. To get clients, you need them to trust you and your services. Client reviews and testimonials play a pivotal role in creating that trust.

Why are Ratings and Reviews Important

Research from HubSpot found that 60% of consumers believe ratings and reviews were trustworthy – this means that businesses which are able to generate positive reviews stand a better chance in attracting leads, with a higher probability of sales conversions.

Our question then is, how do we get positive customer reviews?

In this current issue of Agent News, we would like to share with you some useful tips that can help you garner great reviews from your clients!

Tip #1 Ensure Accuracy of Your Listings

Your property listings create the first moment that engages with clients and potential leads, and it is important to be based on accurate information. You can of course highlight the strengths and attributes of the property, however, always be truthful and verifiable in the information you present so you can earn the trust from your clients when they review your services.

Tip #2 Be Prompt in Your Response

Maintaining quick response as much as you can tell potential clients that you promise quality in your services, be it a general enquiry or a potential lead.

Clients who receive fast response are more likely to remain loyal customers. When they know you care about their concerns, then upcoming sales will come your way as well.

Tip #3 Provide Professional and Unbiased Advice

When advising your clients on property purchase, you should always aim to provide accurate and unbiased advice considering the interests of your clients, including relevant factors such as affordability. This is also important when you are advising clients to include requirements when buying, selling or renting out their property. Read more on How to be Professional and Sensitive in Your Listings.


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Tip #4 Do Not Pressure Your Client

Think about it, no one likes to be pressured. It takes the fun out of the decision-making process and in turn makes your clients anxious. Instead, most of your clients like to be the ones deciding.

The goal should be to focus on how to get your client to a position where they’re 100% sold. By doing so, they know not closing a deal with you would be a terrible decision that they’d regret, and hence will be that loyal customer that sing your praises when a deal is sealed!

Tip #5 Offer Value-Added Services to Your Client

Providing useful information and even after-sales/follow-up services for your clients can improve customer loyalty and grow your reputation. In the real estate industry, a common ‘follow up service’ to close a purchasing deal would be home-financing.

Helping your client to think through that road map and providing them with the best options based on their financial status can help in creating that ‘hero moment’ for yourself, which they will likely appreciate and provide good feedback to you. Find out more about PropertyGuru Finance –  Your One-Stop Mortgage Broker for All Major Banks, where we help your clients find the most suitable home loans so you can close deals faster and earn referral rewards too!

Overall, online ratings and reviews are a core part of building the social proof you need to convert your potential leads. It is the backbone of getting clients to trust you. We hope the above tips can help you in improving your services to your clients and building up your reviews over time for your business.

As you may have known, PropertyGuru launched Agent Ratings & Reviews to property seekers last month. We are excited to share that the feature will soon be available on AgentNet, so do stay tuned!

See you next time! 😊

Being a better partner for you,

PropertyGuru Team


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