How to Get the Most out of Your Prime Credits

Ensuring your listing success on PropertyGuru means learning how to utilise all available tools. Some tools require Prime Credits.

There are 2 ways to receive Prime Credits – as part of your Agent Package Essentials for Advance, Premier, and Business packages, or as an Ad-Hoc top up.

Read on for some tips on how to make the most out of your Prime Credits!

  1. Know which product is best for your listingPrime Credits gives you access to powerful tools such as Promoted Listings and Featured Agent – however, making the most of your Prime Credits means knowing which tool to use for your listings.Knowing how your listings are doing is a great place to start – to find out how each listing is performing, check it’s Listing Performance Insights within the listing management page.
    Once you understand what your listing needs, you’ll be able to pick a product to help maximise your listing potential.

    Have a listing that seems to be reaching very few Property Seekers?
    Promoted Listing can help expand your listing reach even beyond tools such as Turbo and Boost.
    With Promoted Listings, your listing is shown to Property Seekers searching for similar properties – searches where your listing isn’t usually shown!

    Want to focus on personal branding?
    Tools such as HDB Featured Agent or Condo Featured Agent can greatly magnify your visibility to property seekers, especially if you’re looking to focus on specific estates and projects!

    Featured Agent also allows you to pick a listing to prioritise- and this appears in the top 7 slots!Additionally, with Featured Agent, you’re able to pick from a wide range of Featured Agent categories to best suit your listing!

    Knowing which tool best fits your need will help you use your Prime Credits more efficiently.

    To find out more about the available tools, visit our AgentOfferings site.

  2. Know the best timing to start promoting your listings
    Knowing which tools to use is only one part of the equation. Knowing when to start is also important!
    For example, with residential listings:

    We can see that visits peak from Sunday – Tuesday, but less visits happen during Friday – Saturday. If you’re looking to use Promoted Listing to help increase your impressions – these are days that you want to ensure are covered! So set your campaign length accordingly.

    Alternatively, if you’d like to ensure your bases are covered, why not make use of Featured Agent‘s prioritised listing feature? Your listing will appear in the top 7 slots for your chosen duration! This way, you can ensure that you make the best use of the tools, and your Prime Credits.

  3. Plan your Prime Credit usage in advance
    As it’s part of your Agent Package, it’s common to save Prime Credits until they’re really needed. But often, planning ahead helps you ensure that you use your Prime Credits efficiently! For example, if you know you have new projects coming up, plan to set aside some Prime Credits for Featured Agent!
    Or use Promoted Listing’s daily budget option to ensure that you effectively spread out your Prime Credit spend!
    Planning your Prime Credit usage in advance helps ensure that you use your Prime Credits before they expire – which helps you make full use of what’s included in your Agent Package.

Use these tips to help you keep track of your Prime Credits and to make the most out of them.
Stay tuned for more tips!

Learn more about Prime Credits here!

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