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Making the Most out of Lead Management

Over 60% of agent partners on PropertyGuru have used Lead Management.

How do you, as an agent, use your Lead Management page effectively? Read on for our top tips!  


1. Understand how leads are generated.

Leads on PropertyGuru can come from both property seekers, as well as fellow agents. Understanding how leads that you see on your Lead Management page are generated will help you plan your approach better.

Traditionally, you receive leads when a property seeker contacts you directly – whether via WhatsApp, Call, or Email.

With Lead Management, you receive leads as soon as a property seeker, or an agent, clicks on any of the contact buttons – even if they have not had the chance to send a message.  

This means you might have the chance to reach out to them first. Check your messages, and tailor your approach accordingly!


2. Sorting your leads

Keeping track of multiple leads, especially if you have many listings, is tricky. Simplify it with Lead Management’s built-in functions!

You can search for leads using your listing address, an enquirer’s phone number, or name.

Alternatively, you can filter leads so you see only new leads, or hot leads– allowing you to keep track of leads you might want to explore or contact!

Explore the available options today to start sorting your leads effectively!  


3. One glance priority

Contacting all your leads is time consuming, and can sometimes be overwhelming. But learning to use Lead Management’s “Lead Quality” tool, can help you decide which leads to act on first.

Leads that you receive are given a quality tag, depending on the enquirer’s activity on PropertyGuru.  

“Hot” and “Warm” leads often indicate property seekers who are actively seeking properties.

So keep an eye out for these tags, and contact them fast!  


We hope these tips help you use your Lead Management Page more effectively. Look out for more in the near future!

Partner360 is PropertyGuru’s commitment to bring Agent Partners 360° empowerment and guidance in every aspect of your career. As part of that commitment, we aim to continuously improve our products and services to better support you and your growing business. 

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