Picture Perfect Listings: Checked

We would like to thank all our agents for being with us during our move to 100% quality photos!

While we acknowledge that this was no easy feat – here at PropertyGuru, we are dedicated to ensuring that our agents are able to put their best foot forward and create awesome listings for property seekers.

As the official commencement of the Quality Photos Guide hard enforcement begins today (2 May 2019), all listing photos will be vetted by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to see if they have met the necessary requirements. 

What happens to photos that don’t meet the Quality Photos Guide requirements?

Your listing would still be made visible, except that photos that do not meet the requirements of the Quality Photos Guide will not.

Think of it this way: your listing’s photos, property seekers and you, are in a harmonious relationship.

Harmonious Relationship

The better the photos you upload will allow property seekers to have a better experience on your listings. In return, this will increase your chances of obtaining more and higher quality leads.

While you have been ensuring that your photos meet the necessary requirements, our AI technology has also been evolving together with you, ensuring that you too, get the best possible experience.

If your photos have been suspended from public view, here is how it will look like on your AgentNet listing:

soft and hard enforcement

If you feel that your photos meet the requirements of our Quality Photos guide, please click on the “…” at the top right of the suspended photos and “Request Review”. Our team will review your listing soonest possible. If your photos meet the requirements, it will be approved.

review request

We encourage you to have more than 3 good quality photos, as it will affect your listing quality score and therefore, your search ranking. So remember to ensure that these requirements are met to increase the visibility of your listings.

Still unsure about how you can achieve 100% quality photos? You can read our previous article Give Property Seekers the ‘Look’ They Want.

PropertyGuru is here to help you be the agent of choice for property seekers and also committed to building your reputation as a professional and trustworthy agent.

Look out for a new feature coming to you soon!

If you have always been looking for ways to increase your listing’s exposure, especially on Facebook, we have good news for you!

We will soon be launching a new feature that will do just that for you – so stay tuned! You wouldn’t want to miss this.

We also have help articles ready for you in our Help Center:

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

Questions? You can check out our Help Center for answers or drop us an email at custcare@propertyguru.com.sg.

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