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Reach More Property Seekers, and Enjoy Faster Transactions with Promoted Listings!

2022 has been a year of rapid growth for the housing market.
As the market continues to grow and evolve, ensuring that your listing gets enough views, and is seen by the right people, is always a challenge.  

With Promoted Listings, your listing will be shown to more relevant property seekers – which means more views and faster transactions!  

Here’s how it works:

1. Expand your listing reach to new, relevant audiences.

Promoted Listings will be shown to property seekers searching for places with similar criteria to your listing – such as nearby locations, similar price ranges, similar floor area, etc.

Promoted Listings also appear often – in slots 1, 7, 13, and so on… on the search results, and are tagged “Promoted”. The listings that appear are based on the set priority, and depends on how many Promoted listings are running in the same category.

2. Control your costs and listing appearances in searches.
Promoted Listings works on a Prime Credits, pay-as-you-go model, which means that you only pay for the number of listing appearances that are shown to your audience. You can also set a daily maximum budget, and stop it at any time.

Maximising your Promoted Listing 

We recommend using Promoted Listing in addition to other tools to maximise your listing’s reach.

Tools such as Featured Agent, Turbo, or Boost help increase your visibility to property seekers searching for properties with criteria that match your listing exactly. While Promoted Listings show your listing to property seekers with criteria that are similar, but don’t exactly match your listing. 

Using a combination of these tools will help you reach out to a new, larger, interested audience.  

Find out more about how this works HERE. 


Ready to try Promoted Listings?
Powered by Prime Credits 

The amount of Prime Credits needed for every 1000 appearances is calculated by Optimus algorithm, which takes into account competition and listing supply by property type, location, project, and more. This means the credits required change based on market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing. 
It also depends on the priority, as well as the daily budget, that you set.  

To know how many Prime Credits is required to promote your listing, go to AgentNet > Listings > Promote    

Promoted Listings is the first tool that helps expand your reach to new, relevant property seekers. 
Excited for higher visibility, more views, and faster transactions? 

Find out more about Promoted Listings HERE.  

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