Realising the Dream to Last a Lifetime

When you’re a property agent, you don’t just facilitate the transaction of a building.

You’re there to realise the dream of a lifetime.

The dream of a young couple looking for their first nest as they spread their wings in the world; to the dream of a place for their growing family to call ‘home’ and so much more.

The dreams you help realise touch the lives of every person every single day – and this means you’re more than just an agent, you’re a trusted advisor of a lifetime.

But you’re likely facing this challenge…

Every client is different and the market is constantly changing – how are you able to provide credible and customised advice to your clients in a sustainable manner?

“From the start, there were huge gaps to be filled,”
Rex Tan, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

A prominent division director at Huttons, Rex is no stranger to the nooks and crannies of a property agent’s daily life – and quickly identified the need for a technology that:

  • Gives agents more transparency
  • Enables effective client communication
  • Supports agents with innovation

Here’s how Rex and his team of trusted leaders’ very own Rex Tan Division’s (RTD) Intelligence Report takes on these challenges head on when agents are selling new property developments.

Giving Agents More Transparency

Once you have more transparency, you can therefore give your clients more informed advice; allowing them to feel like they can rely on you.

“RTD’s Intelligence Report is powered by data from official local government sources,”
Dave Choy, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

RTD takes their data source very seriously; which is why they only accept and use data from legitimate and reliable government sources like URA, Master Plan and OneMap.

In fact, RTD takes this extra seriously – because their Intelligence Report extracts all ‘live’ data from URA, and promotions and discounts from developers as soon as they’re updated.

“Our clients can conclude at a glance whether or not they’re getting a good deal,
Terence Soon and Sherlyn Goh, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

Through this level of transparency, agents are able to build a credible image to clients.

Enabling Effective Client Communication

After you’ve discovered developments you can represent from FastKey Projects, what’s next?

Everyone’s property demands and budgets differ from each other, and from time to time.

The thing about property consulting is that there is no ‘one-size-fit-all’ solution you can give to your clients. But how are you to do individualised prep work for your client, when there’s all that extensive research on top of your hectic daily schedule?

Here’s the good news:

“Each RTD’s Intelligence Report is tailored and generated for individual clients automatically,”
– Ryan Choy, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

RTD’s Intelligence Report truly is intelligent! With a click of a button, it enables you to be ready for that sales pitch.

Combining all of the information you can share about your client’s specifications (their budgets, location criteria and other requirements), it matches against real-time data to generate a ready-to-use report that’s fully customised to your unique client.

Supporting Agents with Innovation

Typically, each of those individualised reports takes long hours on end to research and generate. But agents in RTD have freed up precious resources through this innovation.

“RTD has turned this pain into power and this power into growth,”
Hugo Xu, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering value to your clients. So why not harness the powers of technology to bring your success one step (or more) further?

“There are various tools that help present our clients with a broader perspective,”
Jeremy Lim, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

Equipping yourself with everything RTD’s Intelligence Report has to offer, it becomes easier to provide credible and customised advice to your clients in a sustainable manner.

But of course, things don’t just stop here.

There’s always tomorrow to look forward to and plan for – but the choice is always yours to make.

“In this fast-changing industry, change is inevitable, while growth is optional,”
Fendy Lee, Huttons (Rex Tan Division)

PropertyGuru would like to thank Rex, Ryan, Jeremy, Terence, Sherlyn, Dave, Hugo and Fendy for sharing about this exciting launch with us and most of all, for your invaluable partnership.

If you’d like to find out more information about RTD’s Intelligence Report, you can contact the RTD team here.


– PropertyGuru Team

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