Spotlight your listings for a longer time and at your convenience!

In efforts to provide convenience and secure good listing performance for you, PropertyGuru has added two new functions to Spotlight

You now have the option to select ‘Auto-Spotlight’ to activate an automatic renewal of your Spotlighted listing

Not only that, you can now do it on your AgentNet App too!

Auto-renew your Spotlight and outshine your competitors!

With Auto-Spotlight, you can now conveniently Spotlight your listing(s) for a longer period of time!

This allows your quality residential listing to continuously stand out in search results, capturing relevant property seeker’s interest and generating more leads with Spotlight’s awesome features:


To activate ‘Auto-Spotlight’, simply tick the Auto-Spotlight option, which will appear when you go through the Spotlight booking flow. 

When you tick on ‘Auto-Spotlight’, your listing will be auto renewed indefinitely.

When you tick on ‘Auto-Spotlight’, your listing will be auto renewed indefinitely.

The number of Ad Credits needed to Spotlight for the first 7 days is determined by Optimus, which can also be found beside your listing. 

After your first Spotlight week, Optimus will again determine the Ad Credit amount for the next 7 days, if you have activated your Auto-Spotlight.

To cancel your Auto-Spotlight, you simply have to click the ‘Edit’ button next to your Spotlighted listing and untick the checkbox that will pop-up. Auto-Spotlight will then be disabled.


For more information on Auto-Spotlight, you can refer to our Help Article.

Spotlight your listings on-the-go with AgentNet App

In just a few easy steps, you can now Spotlight your listings seamlessly through your AgentNet App!

AgentNet App

This allows you to be on-the-go, while you to retain your competitive edge.

Not only do you maximise the use of your time, but you also enjoy increased visibility of your listing to property seekers.

For a complete guide on how to Spotlight your listing using AgentNet app, visit our Help Article.

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight.

Spotlight Now 


Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

Visit Spotlight for more information or refer to our Help Articles.

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