The Wan Way to Succeed the ’28’ Way

While most Singaporeans his age are moving into or living in their BTOs, 32-year-old Aaron Wan just moved into his S$7 million, freehold, close to 10,000² ft landed property in District 15.

And this purchase was made through these uncertain times of COVID-19, to boot.

The immense success this young PropNex division leader was not by sheer luck or coincidence; Aaron strictly adhered himself to a lifestyle that is now the cornerstone of his very own ‘28’ programme.

“’28’ helps agents understand the consequence of not working hard and to understand the true price of success.” – Aaron Wan, PropNex

Even now as you read this, ‘28’ is helping multiple agents in Aaron Wan’s Division achieve their success through a 3-month dedicated lifestyle; with some of them managing to earn S$300,000 in income during the programme.

So what can you expect out of ‘28’?

Nurturing Support System

“Become a better version of yourself.” – Aaron Wan, PropNex

If you’ve chosen to be part of ‘28’, you become part of a group of other supportive and helpful individuals that all share a common goal of succeeding as property agents.

Every single agent has his or her own journey to take and ‘28’ helps them accelerate in developing their own unique winning formula and most of all – discovering who they are as property agents.

A High Discipline Environment Specially for Property Agents

“You cannot only think about what you want to do tomorrow, tomorrow.”
– Aaron Wan, PropNex


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Be warned though, ‘28’ really isn’t for the faint-hearted.

After speaking to Aaron, it was clear he demands for 100% commitment from the participants in ‘28’.

And there’s a really good reason behind this – by building an environment that cultivates a high-level of discipline and drive, Aaron has been able to help his agents push beyond limits they thought they had.

And one major part of this is how he emphasizes everyone needs to plan and share with the team what their day will be like tomorrow; so that every single member is maximising their next 24 hours.

Crazy (and) Passionate Leader

“I have to be there for those who have given me their trust.”
– Aaron Wan, PropNex

Being ‘crazy’ is something Aaron seems to pride himself in; he showed his crazy levels of dedication, discipline and most of all, passion.

What really stuck while talking to Aaron was the amount of responsibility he seemed to have over his agents; it’s clear Aaron is the sort of leader who will almost stop at nothing to help his team succeed through his mentoring.


PropertyGuru would like to thank Aaron for this chance to share his story and the incredible work he’s been doing these years in the property industry. You can find out more about Aaron Wan here.

– PropertyGuru Team

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