Turbo Your Listing into Super-Performance

Despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s real estate market has continuously proven to be resilient and remains strong and intact.

Demand for homes continue to grow with evolving work from home arrangements and a delay of build-to-order projects – keeping the landscape as competitive as ever for the real estate agent. In this new normal where listings are aplenty and viewing restrictions are to be expected, how do you grab the attention of home buyers and give them the confidence they need as they are browsing for a potential home?

If you feel like your current approach in getting visibility might be getting stale, Turbo is for you. This new feature available on AgentNet Web and App from 02 Aug 2021 could Turbo your listing exposure by up to 8X*.

You can look forward to the following phases when Turbo will be made available:

Full on Turbo Mode  

Turbo is packed with all the functions that will give your residential listing the advantage it needs. 

1. Turbo Gives You Extra-Large (XL) Images 
Turbo Blogpost 1

(Left to right: Turbo listing on desktop view, Turbo listing on mobile view)

We know the effort that you put in to create great images for the best possible first impression! In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the importance of having great images has increased for home buyers who spend more time vetting homes online as opposed to going for physical viewings. Now, you can offer greater visibility at one glance through your XL desktop image carousel and cover photos!

2. Turbo Gives You Top Ranking Spots 
Turbo Blogpost 2

We are here to take away the heavy lifting for you, especially in competitive districts and estates – we want you to be seen! Now, you can secure more exposure as your Turbo listing is prioritised above Boost and regular listings. 

3. Turbo Gives You a WhatsApp Button
Turbo Blogpost 3

After seeing your extra-large listing tile in the top-ranking spots, you have most likely piqued the potential homebuyer’s interest. The next step is to increase their likeliness to reach out to you. This button helps to open a direct WhatsApp conversation with you effortlessly. If you have not set up an autoreply on your WhatsApp account to promptly engage your leads, now’s the time.  

4. Turbo Gives You an Ads Free Listing Page

Simply put, less distractions for ads, more attention for your listing! Your profile photo and property headline will also be shown right next to the WhatsApp button to quickly capture the attention of your potential homebuyer and increase the likelihood of getting more leads!

Get Set, Turbo

Turbo is readily available for all agents with Ad Credits, that is determined by the Optimus algorithm which considers the competition and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. The number of credits to Turbo a listing will change with the market condition, either less or more, to deliver maximum value to you. The Ad Credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing.

To get you started, here’s a quick look at some of our exclusive launch promotions. This will be available for all Sale and Rent listings in the following districts and estates in Phase 1 of the Turbo Launch:

  • Condo and Landed – D04, D14, D15, D22
  • HDB – Bukit Merah, Geylang, Jurong East, Jurong West, Marine Parade

Turbo Blogpost 4

To view promotional T&Cs, click here.

Sit back and watch how it accelerates your listing’s performance and give it the exponential exposure that you need on PropertyGuru!

Already like what you see?

Turbo Blogpost 5

Being a better partner for you,
PropertyGuru Team

*Based on PropertyGuru internal data, comparing Turbo listings against regular listings, May 2021 – June 2021

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