What Successful Agents are Doing

Every agent wants success and every successful agent has his or her own methods for achieving it. The question is, what’s the secret ingredient that will help you make it to the top?

In this article, we’re going to show you just how and where to get an edge. 

1. Never Stop Learning

The easiest and most accessible source of knowledge comes from mentors and the division leaders of your agency. Passing down legacy information and industry expertise is a key learning experience.  

These leaders also usually hold training seminars which will help you to upskill that will most benefit your growth.

Kelvin Fong, an Executive Director from PropNex once said that agents need to invest their time in training that will empower them to discover their inward and outward motivations.

If you’re unable to attend seminars in-person, webinars are a great alternative! All you need is an Internet connection and you’re good to go. 

PropertyGuru also regularly hosts in-house trainings and webinars for agents using our platform – absolutely free-of-charge! 

2. Do Your Homework Before Viewings

Understanding your product is half the battle won. Realtors must know the location of the property they’re selling like the back of their hands.

It is imperative to visit the main beats of the location; from the MRT station to the nearby shops and hubs. You should have a gauge of the average travel time, from walking to driving. Potential buyers will want to know where the closest bus stop is and the distance they have to travel to work. They may also want to know how far it is to the nearest mall, school, or 7-11.

Be able to answer these confidently so that property seekers can also confidently put their trust in you.

3.Build a Trustworthy Reputation for Yourself

Always remember that a satisfied client could be your greatest support – be it by writing testimonials for you, or giving you word-of-mouth referrals

Start collecting testimonials and host them on your personal site as a reference for potential customers to read when they’re going through your content.

4.Use Social Media

Social media has become a critical part of advertising, and a successful agent knows how to use social media effectively.

Make sure that your advertisements are targeted and attention-grabbing to the relevant target audiences. Use great pictures, outstanding headlines and be sure to brand yourself in a professional manner. 

If you’d like to try out social media advertising, have a go with SocialCast on Facebook! Designed to make social media advertising easy and seamless for agents; it’s also powered with the ability to target audiences more accurately. This way, not only will you be backed with our PropertyGuru branding – your advertising dollars are also spent only on audiences that matter. 


In an interview with Lester Tan, an agent from OrangeTee and Tie, he mentioned that social media advertising requires one to have the technical skills to manage and optimise an ad. SocialCast on Facebook simply makes it easier for agents who don’t understand social media advertising. 

SocialCast on Facebook will be helpful to agents who find it daunting to do Social media marketing on their own. – Lester Tan, OTT agent

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

Find out more about SocialCast on Facebook or get your questions answered by these help articles available.

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