When and Where to Focus Your Listings in August

In our previous article, we learnt that property searches have returned in full strength, surpassing pre-Circuit Breaker levels.

From our previous issue When and where to focus your listings in July, we noticed Monday has the highest number of searches and City & South West (D01-08) emerged as the most popular district – let’s see how the results will pan out for August?

When to Focus Your Listings?

Based on search results on PropertyGuru.com.sg (from 1-31 July 2020), it seems that Monday continues to reign champion!

However what was slightly different is the day with the lowest traffic is now Saturday, and Sunday and Tuesday is showing lots of promise – almost neck-to-neck with Monday.

Aug2020_Popular Day

Now we know property seekers are most active at the start of the week, let’s look at the hours of the day they are most engaged on PropertyGuru!

Our previous May issue looked at property seekers’ behaviour in April 2020; right in the crux of the Circuit Breaker and their behaviour switched dramatically – with the most popular time between 8PM-11PM.

However our most updated data tells us that your property seekers rebounding back to their behaviours pre-Circuit Breaker (check out most popular timings from Dec 2019 to Feb 2020 here), and now 12PM-3PM is back on top with the highest traffic. And the remaining hours of the day continue to maintain steady traffic.

Aug2020_Popular Time

The only consistent reading we can see is that 4AM-7AM continue to see the lowest traffic; guess with or without Circuit Breaker, most of us are catching our winks during that time.


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So, now you know that Monday, 12PM-3PM is the day and time with the most traffic – you know when to schedule your Auto-Boost!

Where to Focus Your Listings?

Last month, City & South West (D01-08) surpassed all other districts in Singapore like an award-winning horse. However a huge switch happened this time!

Based on our data last month, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) sped past everyone else, pushing D01-08 to the second place. Another interesting change is an increased popularity in North (D25-28).

Aug2020_Popular District

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That’s all for this week! We hope you’ve found this piece useful and look forward to delivering you more helpful content soon.

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– PropertyGuru Team

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