When and Where to Focus Your Listings in June

With this pandemic plaguing our everyday lives and conversations, we can expect that property seekers’ behaviours are likely to change in some manner as well.

Looking back at our previous article on When and Where to Focus Your Listings in May, we saw that Sunday was the day with the highest visitors and District 19 was the most popular of all – so what bodes for the next month?

Today we’re going to find out!

When to Focus Your Listings?

Consolidating data on property seeker behaviour from 30 April to 27 May 2020, we’ve found that Sunday continues be #1 in visitors volume.

However what’s interesting to note is that Monday has started to pick up traction again. If you remember, in our previous post on ‘How to Spend Your Ad Credits Smartly’, Monday was the clear winner.

01 Most Popular Day for Property

It seems that property seekers start to taper off as the work week goes along – we can likely attribute this to many working parents having to juggle both their children and work within the same space during this period.

This new set of data seems to suggest that property seekers’ behaviour is still changing and might even be shifting back to what is used to be. (Do stay tuned for our future articles to find out – we’re excited to find out too!)

Where to Focus Your Listings?

To give everyone a cleaner look at the popularity based on districts, here’s a look some districts that are commonly grouped together.

From our findings in the month of May, District 19 and 20 top the charts, with the ever-popular Districts 01-08 maintaining a pretty close second place.

02 Most Popular Property District

You might see that District 11 and 21 look to have low volumes, but also keep in mind that population is a lot denser there as well!

As always, keep an eagle’s eye watch on all your listings individually via their Listings Performance Insights on your AgentNet Listings Management page.

All of the findings we just brought you are definitely useful, but every listing is unique and you’re the master of their successes. If you’d like to find out more ways to impress property seekers with your listings, join our upcoming webinars on Get Noticed with 5 Listing Tips! We have sessions 2 June (1.30pm-2.30pm) and 18 June (10am -11am).

We have a suite of other webinars ready for you as well – you can check them out at PropertyGuru Academy!

We hope you enjoyed this piece and can’t wait to bring you another article again next week – stay tuned!

In the meantime, continue to keep safe and stay healthy. We’ll get emerge victorious from this pandemic together!

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