When & Where to Focus Your Listings: April 2021 Edition

W&W Apr_01

We’re back with our monthly feature and as we enter the 2nd quarter of 2021, with hear-say of cooling measures brewing – how do you think the market is doing?

Let’s take a look at property seekers’ behavioral data over the past month.

When to Focus Your Listings

Property seekers’ behaviour was quite different last month, versus the recent previous months.

With Wednesday taking a clear lead, it is almost the direct opposite of last month! However, one thing remains consistent – Friday tends to be the day when property seekers are less active.

W&W Apr_02

The time of the days, however, remains consistent with the hours with the highest traffic between 10AM to 5PM, then picking back up again between 8PM to 10PM.

W&W Apr_03

Where to Focus Your Listings

We’ve heard feedback from some Agent Partners that you’d appreciate data breakdown between Residential and Commercial listings.

So, here under ‘Where to Focus Your Listings’, you’ll see 2 separate sections. We hope you’ll benefit and find value in these findings!

In alphabetical order, let’s start with Commercial Listings first.

Commercial Listings

As expected of commercial property demand, the highest views go to City & South West (D01-08), but don’t miss out on Balestier/Geylang (D12-14) – demand is very high there as well!

W&W Apr_04

But, what about the market gap?

Balestier/Geylang (D12-14)’s market gap is significant as well!

There are plenty of listings for City & South West (D01-08), so market gap is pretty average.

However interestingly, even though Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) only has an average volume of views, it doesn’t have as many listings to meet its demand. In fact, it seems that the districts with lower views at this point actually have larger market gaps. This is likely due to the lack of commercial listings available in those districts.

W&W Apr_05

Residential Listings

Now, when we look at residential demand, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) remains a popular choice.

W&W Apr_06

However, when it comes to the market gap, West (D22-24) wins, with North (D25-28) following closely behind. Just looking at the graph below, it seems the market gap gets bigger as the district number gets higher.

W&W Apr_07

That’s all for this month – we hope you found it useful! And most of all, hope that the upgrade between Commercial and Residential was beneficial to you.

Want to get even more data insights? Head over to ‘Insights’ in your AgentNet now! There we have 3 brand new tools for you to enjoy with complimentary access till 31 July 2021.

W&W Apr_08

Note: These tools are rolling out progressively to all Agent Partners – all partners should get access by 31 March 2021.


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