When & Where to Focus Your Listings: August 2021 Edition

W&W Aug 2021_01

With Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) taking effect from 22 July, the daily lives of Singaporeans have taken yet another shift.

With working from home as a default, dining out prohibited and more – let’s see how property seekers might’ve changed during this time.

When to Focus Your Listings

Almost in total contrast from our previous month, property seekers have shifted their property browsing habits significantly.

Last month, Tuesdays to Saturdays saw more property seekers viewing your listings – and they took a break on Sunday and Monday.

W&W Aug 2021_02

However, when it came to the time of the day, their trend remains consistent; with traffic picking up from 8AM onwards, all the way till 12AM.

W&W Aug 2021_03

Where to Focus Your Listings

Commercial Listings

When we zoom into commercial listings, City & South West (D01-08) continue to champion as the most popular region of Singapore.

W&W Aug 2021_04

However, looking at the market gaps – it seems that practically all the districts have potential as interest exceed listing supply. This could be driven by the fact that more and more companies are giving their workers permanent work-from-home options and they might be exploring alternative office spaces instead.

W&W Aug 2021_05

Residential Listings

Residential listings took a huge change!

Previously Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) was always a hot favourite – but it seems property seekers are looking at more central locations now at City & South West (D01-08) and Orchard/Holland (D09-10)!

This could be driven by the fact that there’s a renewed and added importance in one’s home these days. Or it could simply be because there is so much buzz around GCBs being snapped up, that people are checking them out!

W&W Aug 2021_06

However, when we look at the market gap – districts 17 to 28 continue to have larger gaps and require more supply in!  

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