When & Where to Focus Your Listings: December 2020 (HDB Edition)

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Since we’re looking at the last month of 2020, let’s make it a special local issue – welcome to the HDB edition of your monthly When & Where to Focus Your Listings!

Starting 2020, around 20,000 HDB units will hit MOP annually! (That is 1,667 units a month or 55 units per day!) Read more here.

Couple this with the HDB Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) launched in 2019, buying resale units will now become even more accessible for property seekers.

If your client needs help understanding their HDB’s MOP better, send them this Property Guide!

Repost HDB Listings at Up to 40% Reduced Rates

We heard you regarding HDB repost pricing! To help our valued Agent Partners ride this wave, starting from 10 December 2020, we launched a HDB Repost New Ad Credits Consumption Guide, with adjusted rates at up to 40% lower than before. Now, you can push up the ranking of your HDB listings and gain additional exposure at a lower investment, from as low as 3 Ad Credits.


There’s no end date for this – so don’t miss this chance to fully utilise your Auto-Repost function! More FAQs.

Next, let’s get down to the main insights!

When to Focus Your HDB Listings

With up to 40% reduced rates on your HDB Repost, let’s look at how you can further maximise this!

Looking at how your clients searched for HDBs last month, we can see that HDB searches boast a steadily high volume of views throughout most of the week. This is unlike what you might’ve seen in our previous edition where we looked at views for all listings.

As you can see in the graph below, 6 days of the week see very healthy viewership – with Sunday being the winner and Tuesday following behind very closely.

However, given the numbers, don’t underestimate the volumes between Wednesday to Saturday either! Volume might not be as high as Tuesdays and Sundays, but they’re not insignificant either.


For this consistently high volume of views for HDB listings, we believe it could be credited to:

  • PropertyGuru having a substantial lead on the top 3 search keywords for HDB-seeking consumers; so, you get high-intent viewers
  • We also reap in the highest traffic volume; so you get maximum exposure for all property types, including your HDB listings!
  • And when we combine high-intent viewers and highest traffic volume, we are therefore able to deliver the greatest number of leads compared to any other property portal for HDB listings.

HDB-seekers behave differently on viewing times compared to others. They spike around lunchtime (12PM-3PM) then it takes a bit of a dip between 4PM-7PM and rockets up from 8PM onwards, as compared to general seekers which have a gradual decline from 12PM to 11PM.

This could be due to their behaviour of browsing for property during their lunch break, then having to prep for dinner and taking care of the family between 4PM-7PM (or work!). So, they typically only have the time and mindspace to properly view HDB listings toward the end of the day – 8PM-11PM.


Tip: Don’t miss out on these high traffic timings with Auto-Repost and Auto-Boost!

Where to Focus Your Listings

Serangoon and Thomson (D19-20) continue being popular amongst HDB-seekers; outpacing other districts significantly.


However even though D19-20 won the popularity award, you really should try to look at North (D25-28) or even West (D22-24) as they have a large market gap; meaning there are plenty more views than listing supply in that district, and you need to help fill that demand!


Bonus: HDB Edition!

What’s important to note is that, out of the large portion of residential listing views, HDB listings alone account for 40% of residential demand!


Super Bonus: 50% Rebate on Repost for non-Boost HDB Listings

Capitalise on the rising HDB supply even more!

Get 50% rebate on your Ad Credits used when:

  • You have minimum 2 HDB non-Boost listing Reposts 

  • Between 10 December (00:00 hours) to 12 December (23:59 hours)

Learn how it works.

Get down to sprucing up your HDB listings by putting up the listing’s best photos and write listing descriptions that sell. Your property seekers are awaiting!

Thanks for checking out this month’s edition of ‘When & Where to Focus Your Listings’ – stay tuned for next month’s update!


Being a better partner for you,
PropertyGuru Team

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