When & Where to Focus Your Listings: January 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic turned the whole of 2020 upside down, the good news is we all made it through safe and sound, so let’s bring on 2021 with hope and optimism that it will surely be better! PropertyGuru wishes all Agent Partners a prosperous and successful year ahead!

With the commitment to empower all Agent Partners to become trusted partners to property seekers, PropertyGuru will continue to support Agent Partners with the latest market trends and data to help bring more leads to your business.

Starting off 2021 with some great news! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, property seekers show no sign of stopping, with listing views reaching a remarkable growth of 55.1% between January to December. Q4 2020 also takes up the bulk of the search volume, reflecting your consumers’ interest and demand coming at you at full force.


Next, let’s find out which areas are the most popular among property seekers, and the period when they are the most active online. Here’s the summary for this month’s edition.


When to Focus Your Listings

If we look back at the search volumes between 22 November to 31 December 2020, we can see that the consumer’s behaviour is shifting back to pre-Circuit Breaker days.

During other years, December is typically a lull period with everyone on holiday. However, in the December of this unprecedented year, behaviour reflects what seems to be a usual month.


Sunday is once again the champion, with Monday and Tuesday very close to each other. Then they start to taper off during the week, taking a break on Fridays and climbing back up from Saturday.

If we look at the time of the day your consumers are most active, it hasn’t shifted much either.


They continue picking up traction in the morning, peaking at lunchtime (12PM-3PM) and keeping steady till the end of the day.

Where to Focus Your Listings

Now that you know what day and time to optimize your listings, let’s look at the districts in Singapore and which ones attract the highest search volume!


Serangoon/Thomson (District 19-20) continue to be popular choices for consumers, significantly surpassing other districts.

However, let’s put things into perspective – while Serangoon/Thomson (District 19-20) are indeed popular, it also has a super high number of listings catering to that demand. Which means competition is fierce and market gap is narrow.

So which districts have more demand than listing supply?


Changi/Pasir Ris (D17-18) continue being the district with the largest market gap, with too few available listings to meet its demand. Alongside other popular residential areas like West (D22-24), North (D25-28) and Orchard/Holland (D09-D10) are also in need of listings. Now you know where to start hunting for listings!


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Being a better partner for you,
PropertyGuru Team

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