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Ad Credits

How competitive is the location or project you are working on

In a competitive market, your listing needs to stand out from the crowd to capture property seekers’ attention. The foremost requirement is to have your listing be on top of search results pages

Ad Credits enables you to achieve this, as it is our virtual currency to post, repost, TurboBoost, or Spotlight your listing.

Select a higher tier Agent Package that comes with more Ad Credits as entitlement if you foresee a need to list many listings or are dealing with popular districts/estates/projects. You’ll also get to enjoy the flexibility of topping up your Ad Credits according to your needs later!

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Concurrent Listings

Each of our packages comes with an upper limit of the number of listings you can list on our sites at any one time.

Should you need more, go for a bigger package or enjoy the flexibility to increase the Concurrent Listings limits anytime with a subscription add-on.

Available at $6.42/listing/month (inclusive of 7% GST). 

How many listings do you have to market?



Floor Plans

Do you need floor plans to improve your listing description?

Tap into our collection of Condo floor plans to enhance the quality of your listing. All the floor plans you have downloaded will be branded with your key information and contact details.

Our packages come with floor plan credits, enabling you to download the floor plans for free. These credits will be reset every month!

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Commercial Listings

Do you need to market a commercial property?

Aside from marketing on the leading portal for home seekers, you will also tap into Singapore’s leading commercial property expert – CommercialGuru.com.sg to market your commercial listings to businesses effectively.

Advance, Premier and Business packages come bundled with the ability to list commercial listings on CommercialGuru.com.sg


If you have yet ventured into the commercial sector, there’s always the flexibility to upgrade your package.



Agent Profile

Are you keen to build a positive impression before meeting your client?

Creating a positive impression among your potential clients sets you on the right track to build your credibility and personal branding.


With an agent profile on our portal, you can easily provide an introduction of yourself, experience, specialties​, regions, and estates that you work on, for property seekers, owners, and landlords information.

Your listings will be linked to your profile and it will be listed in our Agent Directory too. This feature is available in Advance, Premier and Business packages.


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PropertyGuru DataSense:
Project Insights 



Looking for relevant project insights to seal the deal fast? 

Project Insights gives you data on condo and HDB, where you can check out stack and unit-specific information that could call out opportunities to you and know the number of active listings on PropertyGuru. Also, filter through important metrics like Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) status and percentage of Net Gain to narrow down units to target for your advertisements like mailers.   


Business and Premier package users will have access to real-time data (data updates approx. within 7 days); while Standard and Advance package users will get access to non-real time data (data updates approx. 6 weeks and above).


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PropertyGuru DataSense:
Home Report



Are you looking for a complete micro view of a property to have a well-rounded understanding of it?  

Home Report gives you the most detailed data, so you get a well-rounded and holistic understanding of the property – be it Condo, Landed or HDB property. Get information about the unit and compare it with other units in the same stack, project, location, or estate. Explore the area via a map, where you can immediately see all surrounding amenities to help you close the deal. 

Business and Premier package users will have access to real-time data (data updates approx. within 7 days); while Advance package users will get access to non-real time data (data updates approx. 6 weeks and above).


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PropertyGuru DataSense:
Market Insider 



Want a macro look at how the market is doing for both condominiums and landed properties? 

Market Insider gives you historical sales trends in the market for HDB, condominiums and landed properties and comes with an array of filters which you can use to get quick data. You can find information such as Median PSF, Total Sales Value, Transacted Volume and Top 10 Projects (based on number of transactions), using the search filters applied.


PropertyGuru Exclusive – Compare Median PSF of Actual (Transacted) vs Asking, to support you with price negotiations and managing your clients' expectations. 


Business and Premier package users will have access to real-time data (data updates approx. within 7 days); while Advance package users will get access to non-real time data (data updates approx. 6 weeks and above).


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4 Group 159@2x.png

PropertyGuru DataSense:




As the most popular property portal among property seekers, PropertyGuru has collected a wealth of consumer demand data over the past decade. Combining our proprietary consumer demand data with market supply data, Explorer gives you access to the insights no one else has.  

Bundled with Business and Premier packages, users will have exclusive access to real-time proprietary data.

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PropertyGuru DataSense:
Listing Performance Insights 




Wondering how your listing is performing against other listings on site? 

Listing Performance Insights provides you with a comprehensive report of your listing performance daily via AgentNet. It allows you to 

  • See how your listing is performing in the last 7 or 30 days, in terms of Impressions, Views and Leads 

  • Gives you a breakdown of leads and shows how property seekers are engaging with your listings with tips for improvements

  • View Competition Summary, so you know which other properties your viewers are looking at 

  • Know your Ad Credits spend summary 

  • See historical sales prices for listings in the same project 

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Depending on the package you’ve selected, you’ll enjoy varying level of access
to this feature.


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Value-Added Services

Partner360 Offerings 

With every agent package, you are entitled to the following value-added offerings. Be empowered with the means and tools to do more with PropertyGuru. 


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