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Concurrent Listings

Each of our packages comes with an upper limit of the number of listings you can list on our sites at any one time.

Should you need more, go for a bigger package or enjoy the flexibility to increase the Concurrent Listings limits anytime with a subscription add-on.

Available at $6/listing/month.

How many listings do you have to market?


Ad Credits

How competitive is the location or project you are working on?

In a competitive market, your listing needs to stand out from the crowd to capture property seekers’ attention. The foremost requirement is to have your listing be on top of search results pages.

Ad Credits enables you to achieve this, as it is our virtual currencies to post, repost, Boost, or Spotlight your listing.

Post Your Listing

By posting your listing, it gets published on our portal and is made available for property seekers to search for, over 32 days.


Assuming all listings have the same Quality Score, the one with the latest published date will rank first amongst regular listings on the search results page, to capture property seekers’ attention.

Repost Your Listing

When you repost your listing, its published date is refreshed, securing a higher ranking on searches, to generate more exposure. You can repost your listing unlimited times each day, as long as you’ve sufficient

Ad Credits to support.

With reposting, you are also extending your listing expiry date by another 32 days, making it available for property seekers to search for.

Boost Your Listing

Boost is a power feature accessible to all packages. When you Boost your published listing,

you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Increased exposure for your listing - your Residential Boost Listing will be ranked above regular listings in all relevant searches and are displayed after Featured Agent Listings

    On CommercialGuru, Boost Listings will be ranked above regular listings and are displayed after Weekly Featured Listings and Featured Agent Prioritised Listing

  • Reinforced personal brand and credibility - your profile photo will be displayed alongside your listing in searches


  • Improved chances of getting enquiries - your listing details page will be ads-free, reserving property seekers’ full attention to the property you are marketing

You can activate this feature for your published listing anytime at your convenience. Each Boost lasts for 7 days and is applicable to residential and commercial listings. The option to repost a Boost listing is also available. Learn more

Spotlight Your Listing

Using Ad Credits that are available in your package, you can enhance the looks of your quality residential and commercial listings on the search results page, with Spotlight readily. Each Spotlight booking lasts for 7 days and gets to:

  • Outshine competitors’ listings - with a larger search results tile, image carousel, red/blue listing border, gradient, your profile photo and a captivating headline that highlights the property’s unique selling point in search results


  • Connect with property seekers easily - through the call-to-action buttons available in search results

You can activate this feature for your published listing anytime at your convenience. Learn more

How many Ad Credits

is needed to Post, Repost or Boost a listing

Our Optimus algorithm calculates the amount of Ad Credits needed to post, repost or Boost a listing, by taking into consideration consumer demand and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more.


As market conditions change, the number of Ad Credits for these actions change as well, delivering maximum value for each listing. Of which, some will require less while others more. The required credits amount will be shown to you before you post, repost or Boost your listing.

Our packages comes bundled with various amount of Ad Credits. Select a bigger package if your foresee a need to list many listings or is dealing with a popular district/estate/project. You also get to enjoy the flexibility of topping up your credits according to your needs later!


It is available at as low as $0.50/credit.



Do you have a lot of listings to manage and have too little time?

Auto-Repost is an excellent complement for those with a busy schedule and wants to avoid the hassle of manual reposting the listings. It allows you to create schedules to repost your listings, so they remain competitively ranked at all times.

Our higher tier packages comes bundled Auto-Repost. Otherwise, it is also available at $30/month.


Commercial Listings

Do you need to market a commercial property?

Aside from marketing on the leading portal for home seekers, you will also tap into Singapore’s leading commercial property expert – CommercialGuru.com.sg to market your commercial listings to businesses effectively.

Most of our packages come bundled with the ability to list commercial listings on to CommercialGuru.com.sg.


If you have yet ventured into the commercial sector, there’s always the flexibility to upgrade your package.


Agent Profile

Are you keen to build a positive impression before meeting your client?

Creating a positive impression among your potential clients sets you on the right track to build your credibility and personal branding.


With an agent profile on our portal, you can easily provide an introduction of yourself, specialities, regions, and estates that you work on, for property seekers, owners, and landlords information.

Your listings will be linked to your profile and it will be listed in our Agent Directory too. This feature is available in most of our packages.


Floor Plans

Do you need floor plans to improve your listing description?

Tap into our collection of Condo floor plans to enhance the quality of your listing. All the floor plans you have downloaded will be branded with your key information and contact details.

Our packages come with floor plan credits, enabling you to download the floor plans for free. These credits will be reset every month!



Do you intend to develop a web presence for yourself?

As a professional agent in today’s age, it is important to establish your web presence so that you have an owned web URL to share with prospects and stand a chance to be found on search engines. A personal website is a great way to flaunt your professionalism, build your credibility and showcase your listings!

We make it easy for you to do so with MyWeb.


This feature enables you to set up your personal website with ease by leveraging from a list of readily available templates. You will have the option to personalise your website address too.

Most of our packages come bundled with MyWeb, while it is also available as an add-on feature for Standard package at $50/month.

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