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FastKey Projects

Discover 500+ regional projects and agent-exclusive offers from developers.

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Listing Performance Insights

Deliver actionable data about a listing’s performance and how it compares with other listings on site.

Market Supply Gap

Help you identify market gaps and business opportunities by location and property type.

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We are committed to empower our agent community in achieving their business goals, through a range of resources and tools. Be it professionalising your career or expanding your business opportunities, we have gotten you covered!

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PropertyGuru Academy

Agent News

PropertyGuru Finance

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Support you in finding the perfect home loan for your clients, so to close deals easier and be rewarded!

Get latest scoops and insights on the market, learn from industry success stories and more

Empower you to be the digital guru in the real estate industry, through workshops and webinars

Boost your career competitiveness with valuable knowledge shared by industry thought-leaders


Benefit from an umbrella of tools, offerings and rewards that gives you a more rewarding partner experience, like no other. Learn more

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