As the most popular premium features among industry Top Producers, Featured Agent enables you to be the go-to agent for your selected location or project.


It does so by displaying your profile prominently and pinning your related listing above all listings in specific search results. With this exclusive treatment, you get to enhance your personal brand and credibility at the same time.

Be the Most Prominent Go-to Agent

1. Prominent Profile Placement

Limited to 7 slots per location / project, your profile photo, agency name and mobile number are displayed right under the search bar, at the top of the specific search results pages. 

Ready to be the most prominent go-to agent of a location or project?

Featured Agent slots are available for booking by calendar month, on a first-come first serve basis. The minimum booking period is 3 months for each slot.

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Take Your Pick from Our Array of Featured Agents

Regardless of the type of property, location or project you focus on, you will be able to find

a Featured Agent that fits your specialisation! 

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Condo District Featured Agent - Select by district

HDB Featured Agent - Select by HDB estates

Commercial Building Featured Agent - Select by building name

Commercial District Featured Agent - Select by district

Should you be focusing on Landed, Luxury properties, or helping the expat community with

locating properties in Singapore, click here for more info.

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