Enjoy up to 10 Prime Credits off Featured Agent when you book before 31 May 2024! Secure top slots for your listing. *T&Cs apply.

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Be Prominent and Efficient

Be Prominent and Efficient

Featured Agent is a Premium Feature that guarantees that your listings are pinned at the top of specific search results 24/7. Marketing your listings can now be effortless.

Exclusively Limited to Top Spots

Your listing is guaranteed to be pinned as one of the top spots above all Turbo, Boost, and Regular listings without having to perform any other action.

You can now secure more exposure effortlessly.

Added Exposure on Search Results

Your agent profile is also prominently pinned on the top right panel of the specific search results. Potential property seekers will never miss it.

Extra-Large Images and Added Credibility

Offer your listing greater visibility with the extra-large upsize on desktop image carousel and cover photo in the search results.

Your listing will also be enhanced with a “Featured Agent” label for added personal branding and credibility.

Exposure on Project Details Page

Aside from the search results, your profile will be listed on the Project Details Page, giving your added prominence.

Your relevant listings is also prioritised in the “Available Units” section. Check out how it looks.

Exposure on Estate Details Page

Aside from the search results, your profile will be pinned on the side of the page of each selected HDB Estate.

You can now easily capture the attention of more potential leads. Check out how it looks.

Effortless Listing Visibility 24/7

Effortless Listing Visibility 24/7

Spend less time monitoring your listing performance and more time connecting with potential home buyers.

Let your listing do more for you by simply booking a Featured Agent slot.

Listing Types
FeaturesFeatured AgentTurboBoostRegular
Rank on
Search Results
Slots LimitUp to 7 SlotsNo LimitNo limit-
Listing Card Size
Cover Image Size
Image Carousel--
Profile PhotoBigBigSmall-
Property Headline--
Contact Buttons
Ads-free Listing
Details Page

Explore Featured Agent

Explore Featured Agent

Regardless of the type of property, location or project you focus on, you will be able to explore a Featured Agent that best fits your specialisation.


Each category of Featured Agent is exclusively limited to only 7 slots per Condo Project / HDB Estate / District / Building / Page and is subjected to availability.

*Landed, Luxury and Expat Featured agent will be limited to 3 slots displayed on rotation for each category

Discover Featured Agent

You can Book, Reserve and Extend Featured Agent slots with Prime Credits within the new Featured Agent Dashboard on AgentNet.

The number of Prime Credits needed to Book, Reserve or Extend a Featured Agent slot is determined by Optimus algorithm which takes into consideration competition and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. This means the Prime Credits required changes with market conditions to deliver maximum value for each Featured Agent.


To know how many Prime Credits are required for a Featured Agent slot, simply go to AgentNet Featured Agent dashboard. You will be able to see the Prime Credits required displayed in each tile.

Running low on Prime Credits? Contact any of our friendly Account Managers to top up now.

Browse, Book and Pay Seamlessly

Browse, Book and Pay Seamlessly

You will be able to Book or Extend an exclusive Featured Agent slot for a selected duration of  30, 90 or 180 days at a time. Secure your Featured Agent slot today with these simple steps.

Can I extend, reserve or be notified of an available Featured Agent slot?​

Yes. Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how you can manage your Featured Agent bookings and reservations, and how you can be informed on-the-go whenever a Featured Agent slot is available. Learn more.

Running low on Prime Credits? Contact any of our friendly Account Managers to top up now.​

Questions on Featured Agent?​

Contact our Customer Care at +65 6238 5971 or read our Help Articles for more information