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Position yourself as an expert of these premium properties.

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Stake your claim as the undisputed agent to look for whether you are buying or selling landed properties when you advertise as a Landed, Luxury or Expat Property Featured Agent.

As a Landed, Luxury or Expat Featured Agent, your profile photo, name, agency name and mobile number get a prominent placement on a specific search results page.

Your Featured Agent Profile will be displayed on a rotation basis, with a maximum of 3 profiles shown on the search results page at any-one-time.

One of your listings will be prioritised on top of Turbo, Boost and regular listing searches to stand out from the competition.

From 03 Jan 2022, Landed, Luxury or Expat Featured Agent will be booked by Prime Credits. The number of Prime Credits needed to Book, Reserve or Extend a Featured Agent slot is determined by Optimus algorithm which takes into consideration competition and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. This means the Prime Credits required changes with market conditions to deliver maximum value for each Featured Agent.

Contact our friendly Account Managers today for an estimated range of Prime Credits required for a a Landed, Luxury or Expat Featured Agent slot.

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