Add Floor Plan to Your Listing

Add a floor plan to increase your Listing Quality Score. 

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Floor plan allows property seekers to better understand the entire layout and flow of the listing they are viewing. Having a floor plan also helps to increase your Listing Quality Score.

There are 2 ways for you to add floor plans when creating your listing:

  • Add floor plan easily from our library

  • Upload an external floor plan from your device(s)

Add a Floor Plan from Our Library when Creating Your Listing

Effective 1 June 2023, you can add floor plan easily from our Floor Plan library when creating your listing on AgentNet desktop and mobile web by following the steps below.

  1. Under ‘Add Floor Plans – Select Floor Plans From Our Library’ section, click ‘Select from Library’

  2. Based on the Project Name and Number of Bedrooms & Bathrooms filled up in the previous section, there will be relevant floor plans shown for your selection:

  3. Select the right floor plan(s) that fit your listing and click ‘Done’ after selection:

  4. Your selected floor plan(s) will now be reflected in your listing.

NOTE: This service is complimentary for all active agents on PGSG.

Upload External Floor Plan for Your Listing

Alternatively, if you have a floor plan downloaded on your device, you can upload them to your listing by following steps below:

  1. Under ‘Add Floor Plans – Upload Floor Plans’ section, click ‘Drag & Drop / Add Floor Plans’.

  2. Select the floor plan file(s) from your device and click ‘Open’. Your uploaded floor plan(s) will now be reflected in your listing.

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