All About LiveTour

You can now sell or rent a property with our LiveTour feature which enables you to conduct live property viewings, all within your mobile device.

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You can now sell or rent a property with our LiveTour feature which enables you to conduct live property viewings, all within your mobile device. As we enter into the ‘new normal’ with more property seekers become digitally engaged, LiveTour offers a safer alternative for property seekers to view properties in the safety and comforts of their homes.

1. What is LiveTour?

LiveTour is a feature available to all agent partners via AgentNet. This feature allows property seekers to request a video call with you to view their interested property virtually. If you have made your listing available for LiveTour, property seekers can schedule an appointment with you to view the property remotely.

2. How would LiveTour benefit me as an agent?

LiveTour offers you greater convenience by giving you the flexibility to schedule multiple viewings at one go. Besides, it is also a safer alternative to face-to-face viewings, both for yourself and your clients.

3. What are the available online applications I can use to conduct LiveTour?

There are a variety of online applications such as WhatsApp Video Call, FaceTime and Zoom etc. to help you setup a live LiveTour.

For more details on how to use these applications, read up on our Help Centre article: Setting Up A LiveTour.

4. Is it compulsory to complete this field when I create a new listing?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to make your listings available for LiveTour, as this can generate more potential leads for your business.

5. I already have an existing listing before this feature was introduced, am I required to complete this field?

No, it is non-mandatory to complete this field, however if you choose to edit your listing later on, then you are required to complete it.

6. Can I use AgentNet mobile application to make my listings available for LiveTour?

Yes, you can let your prospects know if that listing is available for ‘LiveTour’ or not through your AgentNet Mobile Application, under the Create/Edit Listing section.

7. How will I be notified if a property seeker is interested to arrange a LiveTour with me?

Property seekers can contact you via the inquiry form or by revealing your contact number (SMS or WhatsApp). This allows them to arrange a suitable date and time for a LiveTour with you.

8. Is LiveTour available for commercial or residential listings?

LiveTour is available for all types of listings.

9. What is the difference between LiveTour and Video upload at Media section?

LiveTour is a live video call where you can show the property remotely and answer any questions on the spot. However, an uploaded property video does not allow any live engagement with property seekers.

10. How would my listings available for LiveTour appear to property seekers?

If you have made your listing available for LiveTour, a ‘LiveTour’ tag would display on your listing. Property seekers who search and filter for ‘LiveTour’ enabled listings would be able to find your listing more easily.

11. Can I edit my listings to allow/disallow LiveTour?

Yes, you can edit your listings anytime via AgentNet web on your computer or mobile browser to make them available/unavailable for LiveTour.

12. What if I’m unable to honour a LiveTour after I have made an appointment with a client?

We understand unforeseen circumstances may happen and sometimes it’s not within your control.

If you have already scheduled a LiveTour with a client but am unable to make it, let your client know early (at least 2 hours before the appointment). And be sure to schedule a make-up viewing with the client. Active follow-ups with the client would show that you’re a trusted and dependable agent and this would make your client feel confident to transact thru you.