Features over 36,000 commercial properties in Singapore, serving over 2 million commercial property seekers

By PropertyGuru   • is the largest property marketplace in Singapore for commercial and industrial property. Our site provides a directory of commercial properties, as well as leads for commercial services, including financial and household maintenance services. It features over 36,000 commercial properties for sale and rent in Singapore, serving over 2 million commercial property seekers. is part of PropertyGuru Group. Agents dealing with commercial properties can post their listings on, by subscribing to PropertyGuru agent packages.

How can I create a commercial listing?

You can create a Commercial listing via AgentNet. For more information please refer to “Post a listing” help article for step-by-step guide.

How much Ad Credit is required to post a listing?

The number of Ad Credits required to post on is 1 credit and to repost a listing is 2 credits.

What are the premium features available in CommercialGuru?

We offer a range of premium features that helps you maximise your reach towards your target audience and gain a competitive edge:

  • Weekly Featured Listing

  • Featured Agent

  • Boost

  • Spotlight

Can I Boost / Spotlight my commercial listings using AgentNet App?

Yes, you can Boost / Spotlight your commercial listings using AgentNet App

How are the listings ranked on search results?

Weekly Featured Listings : Up to 3 slots
Featured Agent Prioritisied Listings : Up to 7 slots
Boost Listings: Unlimited
Regular Listings: Unlimited
Note: Spotlight does not affect ranking and it is unlimited

How to post a listing?

Weekly Featured Listing?

What is Spotlight?

What is Boost?