Condo Featured Agent

Position yourself as an expert of an condo

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Condo Featured Agent is a unique branding opportunity and a great way for agents to demonstrate to property seekers, owners and other agents looking to co-broke that you’re uniquely knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of a specific condo.
Condo Specialist can enjoy prominent visibility on these pages:

1. Search Results Page of a Specific Condo

7 Condo Featured Agents are shown on the right side of search results page upon search of a specific condo

2. Project Details Page

7 Condo Featured Agents are shown on the project details page of a specific condo

3. Condo Directory Homepage

7 Condo Featured Agents are randomly selected and are shown in the middle of the homepage, beside the ‘Most Popular Districts’ section

4. Find Agent Homepage

Note: 3 Condo/Executive Featured Agent are randomly selected and are shown on the Find Agent Homepage

You can view your bookings through AgentNet

You will see all the active bookings. Click on your preferred project title to select the listings to be prioritised.

Select one Sale listing and One Rent listing to be prioritised. If you did not select any listings to be prioritised or when the prioritised listing selected by the agent does not meet the search criteria, the most recent listing is be picked and prioritised.

Once the listings are selected successfully, the icon in the project tile turns green. And the number of priorisited listings will be shown too. You can edit your prioritised listing selection anytime.

There are only 7 slots available for each Condo, regardless of the listing type.

From 03 Jan 2022, all Featured Agent slots will be booked by Prime Credits. The number of Prime Credits needed to Book, Reserve or Extend a Featured Agent slot is determined by Optimus algorithm which takes into consideration competition and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more. This means the Prime Credits required changes with market conditions to deliver maximum value for each Featured Agent.

Contact our friendly Account Managers today for an estimated range of Prime Credits required for your Featured Agent slot.