Creating an AI Video for Your Listings

Engage property seekers effortlessly with high-quality AI-generated videos!

By Cassandra   •  

What is the AI Video tool? 

AI Video is a powerful video generation tool that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the creation of property videos. It analyses a listing’s data, such as its photos and description to generate high-quality, compelling videos to engage property seekers  

Why is AI Video tool useful for agents?  

Adding a property video to your listing increases your listing’s quality score and helps your listing engage with property seekers more effectively. Besides highlighting the key features of a property, which includes listing photos and location map, it is also enhanced with audio-visual elements such as music, narration, and subtitles to create a high-quality property explainer video.  

Agents can effortlessly create a high-quality, compelling property video with just a few clicks, helping you to be more efficient and significantly reducing the time, effort, and investment to produce a professional video. Your agency and name will also be displayed at the end of the video, allowing you to promote your personal brand.  

Lastly, you can easily share your listing video by posting on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, or by generating a unique video link or downloading the video.  

Is the AI Video tool available for all listings?  

As part of this beta launch, it is available for new Condo listings – for Sale and Whole unit rental posted on from 27 March 2024 onwards.  

NOTE: If you’re using the AgentNet mobile app, please ensure it is updated to the latest version.  

Is it free to use the AI Video tool? 

Yes, all eligible PropertyGuru agents can use it for free. 

Can the video be displayed on my PropertyGuru listing?  

Yes. Once the video is generated, you can add the video to your listing gallery, allowing it to be displayed on your PropertyGuru listing. 

Where can I access the AI Video tool?  

The AI Video tool is accessible on your listing, under the Listings tab on AgentNet website and mobile app.  

NOTE: The Get AI Video button will only be available after you have posted a new listing. 

NOTE: If you do not see the button right after posting the listing, try refreshing the page after 5 minutes. 

Are there any guidelines for the photos and descriptions used to generate the AI Video for my listings? 

The AI Video will be generated using the photos and descriptions you have uploaded during listing creation. Here are some guidelines for your reference: 

  • The first 5 photos you uploaded to the listing will be used in the AI Video. You need to upload a minimum of 5 photos for your listings – this excludes the photos from PropertyGuru’s library.  
  • The description you input on your listing will be used in the narration of AI Video. Keep your description succinct (with min. 600 characters) to ensure your narration works the best for the video. 

Am I able to select the narration voice and background music for the AI Video? 

As the product is still in beta, selection of narration voice and background music are not available. 

Am I able to edit the AI Video after it is generated? 

As the product is still in beta, the editing function is not available.  

Am I able to regenerate the AI Video if I edit my listing? 

As the product is still in beta, you can only generate one AI Video for every new listing you have posted. Any edited listing will not be eligible for AI Video generation.

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

For technical assistance, please message us via WhatsApp at 9298 1629 (Mon – Fri 9am – 9pm, closed on PH) and we will get back to you within 1 working day.