Empowering Agent Partners with Data Tools to Close More Deals

Craft winning sales pitches and close deals faster with Market Insights powered by PropertyGuru DataSense

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Updated: 1 September 2023

Staying true to our Partner360 promise, we constantly uncover new avenues to enhance our partnership, so we can value-add and empower you to excel as a trusted real estate professional.

Through Market Insights powered by PropertyGuru DataSense, our aim is to support you with the necessary data tools to craft compelling sales pitches – driving you towards remarkable success and increased ability to close deals.

What are the data tools available under Market Insights?

Effective 1 September 2023, we are delighted to introduce the upgraded Market Insights powered by PropertyGuru DataSense with better user experience and design.

Market Insights comprises of the following data tools:

What are Market Insider, Project Insights, Home Report and Explorer?

Market Insider

Market Insider aims to empower you with real-time insights on property sales trends and upcoming projects so you can advise your clients based on the underlying property market trend, helping you to identify business opportunities on a macro level. You will be able to access information such as:

  • Volume of transactions

  • Transactions volume trend: Transacted vs Asking

  • Median PSF comparison: Transacted vs Asking with difference in price and percentage

  • Top 10 Projects by no. of transactions: Transacted vs Asking

  • Latest transactions from the past 14 days

Project Insights

Project Insights supports you in identifying opportunities within a project or HDB basis the information available such as SSD Status and Estimated Gain, so you can leverage this information to convince homeowners to sell their properties. Through Project Insights, you gain access to information such as:

  • Number and link to active listings found on PropertyGuru

  • Floor area

  • PSF value

  • Latest transaction date and value

  • Current estimated price

  • SSD amount and status

  • Estimated gain or loss

  • Number of transactions the unit has gone through

Home Report

Home Report minimises the research effort for story telling by empowering you with detailed and actionable insights, so you can convince your clients to make informed decisions about the sale of their property. By applying relevant filters, you can get information such as:

  • Current estimated price

  • Estimated gain or loss after factoring in Seller Stamp Duty liabilities

  • Estimated mortgage

  • Mortgage calculator

  • Past transactions of the unit

  • Transactions of the same project

  • Transaction volume trend comparison with other projects in the same town, same district, or within Singapore

  • Median PSF trend comparison with other projects in the same town, same district, or within Singapore

  • Nearby amenities and the number of amenities for each category

  • Similar projects and their transaction volume, median PSF and annualised gain


Explorer is a fast, adaptive, and interactive data tool that enables you to apply advance filters to historical transaction data. Explorer showcases trends and summaries using easy to understand data representations so you can easily share these analyses with clients during meetings!

  • Create property segments by:

    • Project

    • Location

  • Get quick access to information such as:

    • Transaction Trends (graph form)

      • Total no. of transactions

      • Median transacted PSF

    • Transaction details (table form)

      • Project Name

      • Contract Date

      • Property Type

      • District

      • Area (sqft)

      • PSF

      • Transaction Price

  • Compare and contrast information side-by-side across property segments:

    • Median transacted PSF

    • No. of transactions

    • No of transactions in Last 3 months

    • No. of active listings

    • Median Transaction Value

    • No of transactions in Last 3 months

Do I have access to Market Insider, Project Insights, Home Report and Explorer?

Agent partners enjoy tiered access to our suite of Market Insights data tools, based on your subscription package. Please see below for the subscription packages and Market Insights entitlements, effective from 1 September 2023.

Where can I access these Market Insights data tools?

You may follow the steps below to access the Market Insights data tools:

  1. Login to AgentNet and click on ‘Market Insights’ in the top navigation bar.

  2. A separate window will open. If this is your first-time logging in, you’ll be required to confirm if your email and phone number are correct. You will also need to tick the checkbox to indicate that you agree to the End User Terms & Privacy Policy.

  3. Once confirmed, click on the ‘Verify’ button to proceed.

  4. Next, you will need to confirm that your current device is now registered as part of your saved device. Click on ‘Proceed to verify’ button.

    NOTE: Your saved device is limited to a maximum of three (3) sessions at any given time. For instance, if you have an active session on Google Chrome and are also logged into Safari on your mobile, this will be counted as two (2) sessions.

    Whenever you reach the maximum number of sessions, you will need to deactivate or log out of other current browsers/devices to login to a new session.

  5. Enter the OTP received on your mobile and click on ‘Verify’ button. You will now be able to access the Market Insights dashboard on PropertyGuru DataSense.

Can I download the data?

Yes, the download data feature is available on all Market Insights data tools.

Where are these Market Insights data tools available?

These Market Insights data tools are currently available on AgentNet web and mobile application.

How do I use these Market Insights data tools?

To learn more on how to use these Market Insights data tools, refer to our step-by-step guides below: