Enhanced Listing Performance Insights

Check out how your listings performed and decide what action to take for optimised performance with the enhanced Listing Performance Insights!

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Updated on 31 Jan 2024

What is Listing Performance Insights? 

Listing Performance Insights is a feature that will allow you to see how each of your listing is performing in terms of Leads, Impressions and Views for the last 7 days*.

*refers to performance from the last 7 days. E.g. if you are viewing the listings on 19 January 2024, the available data comes from 12-18 January 2024.

What are the arrows next to the listing performance numbers?

The arrows indicate your listing performance for the past 7 days, compared to the week before.
This gives you a quick and easy view of how your listing is doing. 

What do the numbers for Leads, Impressions, and Views, show?

These numbers show how many Leads, Impressions, and Views, the listing has gotten since activation, and gives you a quick understanding of the total performance of the listing.

If your listing has been promoted, you’ll also be able to see how many of these Leads, Impressions, and Views, come from Promoted Listings.  

Why am I seeing a suggestion box? 

This is a new experimental feature that aims to give you a quick summary of your listing performance, and suggest actions that can help improve it. 

How do I see my Listing Performance? 

Simply click on “View Listing Performance”.

Here, you can view more details about how your listing has performed for the last 7 days.  

This includes:  
– Where listing views are coming from (Repost, Turbo, Promoted Listing, etc.) 
– An overview on your leads, engagement, and other listing performance data. 
– An overview of the preferred communication channels from your leads 

Why is Listing Performance Insights useful for me?

With the ability to see a daily breakdown of your listings’ performance, you can better monitor the effectiveness of your listing actions, knowing what works and what doesn’t, and are in a better position to take the most appropriate actions to improve your listings’ performance.

Where is Listing Performance Insights available?

It is currently available on the AgentNet web and AgentNet App.

How can I access Listing Performance Insights on AgentNet?

Login to AgentNet web and click on ‘Listings’

On the right box, click on ‘See Details’ or on the Sparkline which will lead you directly into the report.

Can I view the full report?

Yes, you can! There are 3 entry points to the full report. Just click on any of them to access the full report.

Here’s how a full report looks:

Can I download the full report?

Yes, you can! The full report is downloadable in PDF format.

Is Listing Performance Insights available for commercial listings?

It is currently only available for residential listings.

How often is Listing Performance Insights updated?

The data is updated at 8am daily, taking data compiled 2 days before at 11.59pm. For example, the data you see on 1 March 2021, 8am is compiled on 27 February 2021, 11.59pm.

What is the data period for “Impressions”, “Listing Views”, “WhatsApp Leads”, “Message Leads” and “Phone Number Reveals”?

You can choose to view data from the last 7 or 30 days.

What does “Impressions” mean?

This refers to the number of times your listing was displayed to property seekers in search result pages they visited.

What does “Listing Views” mean?

This refers to the number of times your listing details page is viewed by property seekers.

What does “WhatsApp Leads” mean?

This refers to the number of times property seekers clicked to view your WhatsApp number in mobile app for this listing.

What does “Message Leads” mean?

This refers to the number of enquiries via the enquiry form on Web and SMS in mobile app for this listing.

What does “Phone Number Reveals” mean?

This refers to the number of times property seekers clicked to view your phone number on Web and in mobile app.

What is the green or red line graph displayed on the right of my listing? / What does “Sparkline” mean?

Sparkline is a small embedded line graph displayed with other data. It reflects the number of impressions your listing receives over the last 30 days.

If the sparkline is green, this means that your listing is getting more impressions than 50% of other similar listings! But if the sparkline is red, this means it’s performing poorer than 50% of other similar listings in impressions.

What are “Similar listings”?

Similar listings refer to listings in the same district and property type.

How do you determine if my listing performance is above or below average?

It is based on the number of impressions your listing has accumulated over the last 30 days compared to other similar listings.

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We hope the enhanced Listing Performance Insights serves you well and look out for more improvements coming your way, as part of our Partner360 promise to you!