Ensure a High Listing Quality Score

Listings with high Listing Quality Score get more views!

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Property seekers now look for as much information as possible about their listing. Listings that provide them with as much information as possible will be more likely for agents to seal a potential deal.

As such, to keep property seekers engaged, listing quality scores will play an important role when the listing is first posted as it will determine the search ranking results.

To check your Listing Quality Score, simply go to your ‘Active’ listing page.

The Listing Quality Score indicates how well your listing fares. A listing with a high quality score would mean that the chances of property seekers coming across your listing would also be high.

The best practice that is highly recommended is to achieve a listing score of a 100%. You can view your listing summary to know what additional information is required.

Our studies have shown that listings with quality scores of more than 80% has garnered 26 times more leads compared to those below 60%. So always aim for 100%!

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