How To Boost Your Listing?

Get 4.5 times more exposure* for your listing with Boost!

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Boost is an easy way for you to improve your residential listing’s performance at any time with higher ranking and better branding.

Fueled by Ad Credits and booked through AgentNet, any residential listing with more than 85% quality score can be Boosted with just a few clicks.

Here’s how to Boost your listing:

Go to AgentNet > Listings. Choose the listing you intend to boost and click on the ‘Boost’ tab.

Details of your Boost booking is shown here. The Ad Credits will be deducted upon clicking on ‘Boost Now’.

To Auto-Boost, click on ‘Auto-Boost’ and the details of your Boost booking will be refreshed. If all is good, click on ‘Boost Now’.

When you have made a successful Boost booking, the Boost tab will turn light blue. The end date of your Boost booking will be indicated in the light blue box. Three days before expiry, the blue tab will turn orange as a reminder that your Boost is about to expire soon.

NOTE: You will always be shown the amount of Ad Credits that will be deducted before you Boost a listing.

You can also Boost multiple listings at a go with the Bulk Boost Function. Here’s how to:

Go to your active listings and click on ‘Select’.

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Select the listings that you want to Boost, then click on the ‘Boost’ icon. You can Boost up to 100 listings at one time.

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Once done, you’ll be shown a pop up with details of your Boost booking.

Make sure to check your 1) Selected Listings 2) Boost Information and 3) Total Ad Credits required to Boost on selected listings from this pop-up.

When you are ready, click on ‘Boost Now’. Your Boost will be activated and ready to shine next 7 days!

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A progress bar will be displayed to track the completion of your multiple Boost booking. Upon successful activation, you will see a confirmation message at the bottom left of your listing management page.

If any of your Boost listings is not activated successfully, a pop up will show the number of Boost listings that are not activated and the reasons.

More information on Boost:

How much Ad Credits does it take to Boost a listing?

The amount of Ad Credits needed to Boost or Repost a Boost listing is calculated by Optimus, which takes into account consumer demand and listing supply, by property type, location, project and more.

This means the number of Ad Credits to Boost or Repost a Boost listing will change with market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing.

How can I identify a Boosted listing?

All Boost listings come with an avatar for better branding. Your avatar profile picture next to your Boost listing can help you to capture more attention from property seekers.

How long does a Boost booking last? Is there a maximum number of weeks I can Boost my listing?

Each boost booking lasts for 7 days. However, you have the option to use Auto-Boost, an auto renewal function that allows you to Boost your listing for a longer period of time.

Once you enable Auto-Boost for your listing(s), it will continue running until you disable it or your listing(s) expires.

Can I schedule when I want to Boost a listing? How can I do it?

No, the ‘Schedule of boost booking” option is no longer available.

Your booking will go live immediately when you Boost your listing now. This means you can determine the time you wish for your listing to be Boosted and displayed on the search results, be it 9 am or 6:30 pm in the day!

Each Boost booking will last for 168 hours (equivalent to 7 days), starting from the time it is activated.

Can I Boost multiple listings at one go?

Yes, you can Boost multiple listings at the same time.

Is there a limit to the number of listings I can Boost using this function?

Yes, 100 listings.

Should I apply “Auto-Boost” to the multiple selected listings, would all listings follow the same Boost schedule?

Yes, all selected listings will have the same schedule.

Can I Boost my commercial property listing?

Yes, Boost is already available for commercial property listing.

Can I Boost my listing using AgentNet App?

Yes. Tab on the listing that you like to Boost. Click on the ‘Boost’ tab to Boost the listing. Ad Credit amount will be indicated in the tab itself.

Can I cancel a listing that is Boosted? Do I get a refund if the listing I Boosted is sold/rented before my Boost duration is over?

You are not able to cancel your Boost listing once it is Boosted, whether or not the Boost has been activated.

No refunds will be made if you have sold / rented / deactivated your listing before your Boost duration starts or is over.

If my Boosted listing is suspended before the end of my Boost booking, do I get a refund of the Ad Credits?

You will not get a refund for the suspended Boost listing.

Is there anywhere I can see the number of Ad Credits I need to Boost?

In AgentNet, the amount of Ad Credits required to post, Repost, Turbo, Boost a listing will be indicated in the listing itself.

How do I know when would my Boost duration ends? Do I get a notification via email or text?

When your listing is Boosted successfully, the Boost tab turns to light blue. The end date of your Boost booking will also be shown in the blue tab.

You will also receive a notification via email and SMS, when your Boost listing is expiring.

Do I need to be concerned with my listing expiry date, if I Boost my listing a day before my listing expires?

You need not be concerned with this, as with Boost, your listing expiry date will be extended automatically according to your Boost booking.

There will not be an instance whereby your listing expires before your Boost booking ends, unless you have de-listed the listing.

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