How Do I Turbo My Listing?

Learn how you can get up to 8X* more listing exposure.  

By Miko Quah   •  

1. How can I activate Turbo? 

To activate Turbo, you will need to go to AgentNet > Listings. 

A pop-up window will appear after clicking on “Turbo”. You will then need to ‘select Turbo Type’, either for 7 days or Auto-Turbo. 

2. How many Ad Credits are required for each Turbo booking?

To know how many Ad Credits are required to Turbo your listing, go to AgentNet > Listings. The Ad Credit quantity will be displayed next to your selected listing. 

  • Residential Listings: The amount of Ad Credits needed to Turbo or repost a Turbo listing is calculated by Optimus algorithm, which takes into account competition and listing supply by property type, location, project and more. This means the credits required changes with market conditions, to deliver maximum value for each listing. 
  • Commercial Listings: The amount of Ad Credits required to Turbo or repost a Turbo listing is fixed at a rate and differs from a Sale listing to a Rent listing. 

3. How long does each Turbo booking last?

Each Turbo booking lasts for 7 days. 

4. Can I activate Turbo for my listing via AgentNet app? 

Yes, Turbo is available via AgentNet app. 

5. I can’t find the WhatsApp contact button for my Turbo listing on the search results page? 

The WhatsApp button has been replaced with a “Contact Agent” button – which displays three contact options for property seekers. 

6. Is Turbo available for commercial listings?

Yes. Turbo is available for commercial listings on CommercialGuru from 19 Jan 2022. 

7. Is Turbo available for Corporate Accounts?

Yes, it is available for Corporate Accounts. 

8. As each Turbo listing occupies more space on the search results page, would this reduce the number of listings displayed per page (desktop view)?

The number of listings displayed on each search results page remains the same.