How to Get the Most Out of Your Prime Credits

Master the utilisation of all accessible tools requiring Prime Credits.

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Read on for some tips on how to make the most out of your Prime Credits!

Achieving success with your listing on PropertyGuru entails mastering the utilisation of all accessible tools, with some requiring Prime Credits.

There are 2 ways to receive Prime Credits – as part of your Agent Package Essentials for Advance, Premier, and Business packages, or as an Ad-Hoc top-up.

1. Know which product is best for your listing

Prime Credits unlock powerful tools like Promoted Listings and Featured Agent. However, optimising your Prime Credits requires understanding which tool best suits your listings.

A good starting point is assessing the performance of your listings. Explore their Listing Performance Insights within the listing management page to gain valuable insights.

Once you’ve identified what your listing needs, you can select a product to help maximize its potential.

If you have a listing that’s not attracting many Property Seekers, Promoted Listing can help extend its reach beyond tools like Turbo and Boost. Promoted Listings showcase your property to Property Seekers searching for similar properties, expanding visibility where your listing isn’t typically displayed.

For those aiming to enhance personal branding, tools like HDB Featured Agent or Condo Featured Agent can significantly boost visibility among property seekers, particularly if you’re targeting specific estates and projects. Featured Agent also allows you to prioritize a listing, ensuring it appears in the top 7 slots.

Furthermore, Featured Agent offers a variety of categories to choose from, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your listing.

Understanding which tool aligns best with your requirements will enable you to utilise your Prime Credits more effectively.

2. Know the best time to start promoting your listings

Understanding which tools to utilise is just a portion of the equation. Knowing the optimal timing to utilise our value-add tools is equally crucial!

For instance, regarding residential listings (graph below), visits tend to peak from Sunday to Tuesday, with fewer visits occurring during Friday and Saturday.

If you’re considering using Promoted Listing to boost your impressions, it’s essential to cover these days effectively. Therefore, adjust your campaign duration accordingly.

Alternatively, to ensure comprehensive coverage, consider utilising Featured Agent’s prioritized listing feature. This positions your listing in the top 7 slots for your selected duration.

This approach ensures optimal utilisation of the tools and your Prime Credits.

3. Plan your Prime Credit usage in advance

Since Prime Credits are included in your Agent Package, it’s typical to reserve them until necessary. However, strategic planning often ensures efficient utilisation of your Prime Credits!

For instance, if you anticipate upcoming projects, consider setting aside some Prime Credits for Featured Agent.

Alternatively, utilise Promoted Listing’s daily budget feature to evenly distribute your Prime Credit expenditure.

Planning your Prime Credit usage ahead of time helps ensure they’re utilised before expiration, maximizing the benefits of your Agent Package.

Follow these suggestions to manage your Prime Credits effectively and optimise their usage.

Stay tuned for additional tips!

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