How to Lodge an Appeal for Suspended Photos?

A step-by-step guide to make an appeal for your suspended photos.

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You might find your listing photos get suspended by our A.I (Artificial Intelligence) because they have been detected to fail the requirements of our Quality Photos Guide. As a result, property seekers will not see the suspended photos in your listings.

Suspended photos will see this overlay:

In most cases, our A.I. would have detected issues with your photos correctly and you will need to correct your photo so get them publish. In rare cases, it may have made a mistake in its detection.

In such cases, fret not, simply follow these steps to make an appeal:

1. Go to “Listings” and click on the listing’s photo that you would like to appeal. Click on ‘Make an Appeal’.

2. Input your reasons for appeal, than click on ‘Send Request’.

Once an appeal has been made, the flag on your photo will reflect ‘Pending Appeal’. We aim to review your appeal within 1 working day. Note that the outcome of our assessment is final. You can only appeal one time for each photo.

If you should encounter a bug where your suspended photo doesn’t have the option to ‘Pending Appeal’ – please send us an email at, with your AgentNet login email and listing ID. Our Gurus will get back to you as soon as we can!

Outcomes of Appeal

If your appeal is successful, the photo will be published and displayed in your listing.
If your appeal is unsuccessful, the photo will remain suspended, until your replacement or removal.