How To Spotlight a Listing?

Step-by-Step guide for agents to book Spotlight via AgentNet

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The booking of Spotlight is self serve via AgentNet and consumes Ad Credits. For your listing to be successfully Spotlighted, your listing has to:

Each Spotlight booking is valid for 7 days.

How to Spotlight your listing via AgentNet

  1. Login to AgentNet (Web & Mobile App), go to ‘Listings’, and select your listing you wish to Spotlight, and click on ‘Spotlight’.

2. If your listing do not meet the requirements of Spotlight, you will see this message that prompts you to edit your listing.

3. When you have made a successful Spotlight booking, the Spotlight tab turns light blue.  The end date of your Spotlight booking will also be shown. Your Spotlighted listing will be ready to shine for the next 7 days. The Spotlight tab will turn orange three days before expiry to serve as reminder if you want to Spotlight again.

Be Bold. Be Spotted. Be in the Spotlight now!

More information on Spotlight

Can I schedule when I want to Spotlight a listing?

No, you are unable to schedule a start date for your Spotlight listing. Your listing will be Spotlighted right away, once you have activated this feature.

Does Spotlight have an auto renewal function?

Yes, if you tick on ‘Auto-Spotlight’, it’ll enable your Spotlight listing to be auto renewed  for multiple weeks until you cancel.

Is there a maximum number of Spotlight listing on each search results page?


How much does it cost to Spotlight a listing?

Each Spotlight’s duration is 7 days and it is activated using Ad Credits.

For Commercial Listings: The amount of Ad Credits required to Spotlight or repost a Spotlight listing is fixed at a rate and differs from a Sale listing to a Rent listing.

Can I activate Spotlight using AgentNet mobile app?

Yes. Activation of Spotlight can be done through AgentNet Web & Mobile App.

If I choose to Spotlight my listing today, when will it be Spotlighted?

It will be Spotlighted immediately. To maximise your Spotlight, do it at the start of the day.

Can I repost a Spotlight listing?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you Repost your Spotlighted listing for better ranking. Please note that Spotlight does not extend your listing expiry date.

Can I use Auto-Repost to Repost my Spotlight listing?

Yes, Auto-Repost can be used to Repost your Spotlight listing. It does not matter if you choose to Spotlight or set your Auto-Repost schedule for your listing first.

However, please note that Auto-Repost cannot be used to extend or renew your Spotlight listing.

Is Spotlight the same as Boost?

Boost improves the listing ranking by ensuring they are ranked on top of regular listings on search results, other than having a profile photo and ads-free listing details page.

Spotlight does not affect the listing’s ranking on search results, but provide enhanced cosmetic features to improve listing performance.

Please refer to this article for a more in depth comparison.

Can I cancel a listing that is Spotlighted? Do I get a refund if the listing I had Spotlighted is sold/rented before my Spotlight duration is over?

You are not able to cancel your Spotlight listing once it is activated. No refunds will be made if you have sold / rented / deactivated your listing before your Spotlight duration starts or is over.

If my Spotlight listing is suspended before my Spotlight booking ends, do I get a refund of the Ad Credits?

No, you will not get a refund for the suspended Spotlight listing, but if your listing resumes before the end date of your Spotlight booking, it will be Spotlighted till its end date.

What is the duration for Spotlight?

The duration of each Spotlight is 7 days. Your listing will be spotlighted right away upon your activation and ends at the same time on the 7th day.

For example, Spotlight was activated on 11 Feb, 08:00hrs. It will end on 18 Feb, 08:00hrs.

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