How to use Home Report? 

Step-by-step guide to get a holistic understanding of your client's property using this data tool.

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Updated: 1 September 2023

What is Home Report?

In addition to Market Insider, Project Insights and Explorer, Home Report is another data tool that minimises the research effort for story telling by empowering agents with detailed and actionable insights, so you can convince your clients to make informed decisions about the sale of their property.

With over 25 insights, tools and features readily available, you will be equipped with the necessary information to make property comparisons and utilise other key indicators when comparing across Project, Town, District or within Singapore.

How can I access Home Report?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to use Home Report:

  1. Login to AgentNet and click on ‘Market Insights’ in the top navigation bar.

  2. Market Insights dashboard on PropertyGuru DataSense will open in a separate window. You can access Home Report under the ‘Unit Research’ category.

    NOTE: If this is your first time logging in, follow the steps here to access Market Insights dashboard on PropertyGuru DataSense.

  3. To begin a search, type the name of any property under ‘Project / Street’. Depending on the inserted property type, you might be required to complete additional fields such as Floor and Stack. To start a new search, click on ‘Reset Search’ to clear the previous search.

  4. Once you complete the search criteria, you will first see the Proxy Price (Property Estimated Price) and Estimated Gain or Loss of the searched property. There is also a ‘Download Report’ button where you can download the customised Home Report as PDF for easy reference.

  5. Next, you can view details on past transactions of the project and unit including Contract Date, Sale Type, Transacted Price, and PSF.

  6. There is also a Mortgage Calculator where you can make quick calculations on the estimated mortgage for the property. Simply insert the estimated Loan Amount, Loan Tenure and Annual Interest Rate and click on the ‘Calculate’ button to obtain the Monthly Payment, Interest Paid and Total Payment.

  7. Below the Mortgage Calculator, you will find a quick overview of the project including:

    • No. of blocks and units

    • Nearby amenities within 2km – MRT and School

    • No. of listings in the last 12 months

    • No. of units with estimated gain above 60%

    • No. of active listings on PropertyGuru’s website

    • Sale and Rental demand of the project

  8. Right below the overview of the project, there are tabs with in-depth insights and transaction data categorised into ‘Sales’, ‘Rent’ and ‘Comparisons’.

    NOTE: ‘Rent’ tab is currently not available, and we are working to bring this feature to you very soon!

  9. Under the ‘Sales’ tab, you will first find the Sale Price Trend graph showing the Actual vs Asking price for Median PSF of the property.

  10. Next, you will be presented with a few tables under Past Transactions. The first table summarises the latest sale transactions (up to 30) with information such as:

    • Contract Date

    • Block No.

    • Unit No.

    • Floor Area (sqft)

    • Sale Type

    • Transacted Price

    • PSF

    The second table derives annualised PSF gain with the following information:

    • Block No.

    • Unit No.

    • Floor Area (sqft)

    • First Sale Date

    • First PSF

    • Latest Sale Date

    • Latest Sale PSF

    • Annualised PSF Gain in percentage

  11. The last 2 tables under ‘Sales’ tab show Units on Same Stack and Units on Same Floor based on your search criteria with the following:

    • Floor

    • Stack

    • Floor Area (sqft)

    • Latest Contract Date

    • Latest PSF

    • Latest Sale Price

  12. Next to ‘Sales’ tab, you will find the ‘Comparisons’ tab. This tab presents you with Transaction Volume Trend and Median PSF graphs when you compare with other similar projects, projects within same town, same district, or Singapore. There is an additional comparison table of Annualised PSF Gain when you compare with other projects.

  13. At the bottom of page, there is a summary of amenities nearby the property such as Grocery Stores, Schools, Public Transports and Shopping Malls. Information is presented in both map and list view based on your preference.

We hope this guide helps you to unlock the full potential of Home Report!